SouthEast PortlandTool Library
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SEPTL Board Minutes January 8, 2015

A regular Board meeting of the SE Portland Tool Library (SEPTL) was held 1/08/2015 at the Backstage McMenamins, 1604 SE 37th, Portland, Oregon.

The meeting convened at 7:05 PM, Chairman Sean Barnett presiding.

Members in attendance (* = Board member) :

Sean Barnett*  President and Chair
Kelly Faddis*  Treasurer
Bob Weber*     Secretary
Steve Couche*  At Large & Founder
Aaron Andrade* At Large
Ariel Posey    Volunteer considering joining Board
Glenn Devitt    Volunteer

Board Members not in attendance
Blaine DeLancey* Volunteer Coordinator

Approved November 20, 2014 meeting minutes.


Member David Mitchell #4953 wants to help with tool repairs.  He is a handyman who lives in Woodstock.

Ariel Posey introduced herself as a recent member who just moved here from New York state and has experience writing grants to fund community arts projects.  She would like to help us apply for grants, and to consider serving on the Board.  Steve mentioned that the Belmont Library has information about grant databases to share.


CASH ON HAND 12/31/2014

Rivermark Credit Union                 $12,087
SE Uplift                                               $3,414
Paypal                                                       $15,590
TOTAL                                                 $15,590

Late Fees                                                $4672
Donations                                               $4450
Tool Sharpening                                       $225
Interest                                                          $14
TOTAL CASH INFLOWS                       $9,361

Rent                                                             $378
Tools                                                         $1,667
Other                                                        $1,840
TOTAL EXPENSES                               $3,885


GIVE GUIDE RECAP:  Give Guide donations totaled $6,300, SEPTL share was $2,100.

New member donations are going well.

DISCUSSION OF FORMING TOOL ACQUISITION SUBCOMMITTEE to coordinate purchases and seek discounts.  Michael, Bob, and Ariel w/maybe Casey agreed to serve on this.

SEPTL SIGNAGE:  Board approves Aaron’s drafts for new signs printed on 3mm and 6mm Sintra, with the outdoor sign on dibond: OK to spend $300 for Phase I with hours, rules, need volunteers, Seed Library, then few hundred for Phase II later with moveable small signs for types of tools.


Seed Swap — February date TBD  9 to noon Fireside Room – reuse flyer from 2014 – edit and send to Michael to post on web site.

Volunteer Appreciation/Social Hour — March 6 4-6 PM

Seismic Workshop Spring TBD – ask other TLs and PDX City govt (Hilti?) and try to get  grant or wholesale prices for special tools needed to lend from SEPTL.

Naturescaping  or Tool Sharpening TBD??

Host another RepairPDX in Spring (quarterly?)

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM.