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Like the public library... but for tools

Help run the tool library. Yes you!

Now we need your help.

Hello SEPTL member! We’re looking for some friendly folks to help us out with running the tool library. Please take a look at the descriptions below, and send us a message at if you’d like to find out more.


The Treasurer reviews the day-to-day transactions and confirms their legitimacy for board approval. The SEPTL Treasurer is a board officer, and participation in board responsibilities such as monthly meetings is also required.

The ideal person for this role does not necessarily have an accounting or financial background but must be detail-oriented, organized, and able to work with financial, legal, and other parties as needed.

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Volunteer Coordinator

As a fully volunteer-run organization, SEPTL’s volunteers are its most valuable resource. The library takes creating a positive and rewarding environment very seriously, and our future Volunteer Coordinator will be given the opportunity and resources to make their vision a reality.

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Outreach Coordinator

The outreach coordinator will help us connect with other organizations in our community, including local businesses and other non-profits.

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Shift Coordinator

The library has many great volunteers who are generous with their time. The Shift Coordinator helps these volunteers be a productive part of the organization by managing the day-to-day staffing of the library.

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Social Media Coordinator

We’re looking for someone to help us better engage with current and prospective members of our community online and through local press. The ideal person for this role is interested in social media and wants to help a valuable community resource communicate using the latest online tools.

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Late Tool Caller

Make calls once a month to a list of members with overdue tools, reminding them that other members are waiting to borrow those tools. We have a small staff of callers who work directly with the person managing our tool lending program.

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Library Staff

This is a great way to meet some nice people, find out about what projects your neighbors are working on, and learn about tools! And of course, you would be helping to provide a valuable community resource to your friends and neighbors.

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Please contact us at to learn more. And thanks.
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