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The move: Help with the shelving?

Okay, we’ve ripped up the carpet in the new space and have hired a flooring contractor to grind and refinish the concrete floor and seal it with low VOC water-based epoxy. This should all be finished before the end of September!

Wall-Shelving-PictureThen… our biggest challenge. For a month, beginning Oct 6, we’ll need to offload dismantled shelving from a pod outside Division Hardware, and transport all that steel to our new space at the Hinson Church.

For this we need some of you to drive your pickup trucks, panel vans or trailers.

And others of you to be the muscle at each end of the journey.

The pod will fill sporadically so the exact dates will be known only a few days in advance. Most likely we’ll need to offload the pod about twice a week over that month. Yikes. I know.

We also hope to do some limited assembly in the new space over that month.

So, of course we’ve created an online form so you can let us know – in the most general way – what days of the week you might be available to help:

a) drive your own shelf-laden vehicle , or
b) carry the shelving, or
c) help with assembly.

PLEASE let us know ASAP. Everything hinges on your help. Seriously.

I can help!

Donations still needed:

  • Another Chromebox computer.
  • Another monitor with HDMI or Displayport input.
  • Steel cabinet with shallow easy glide drawers. Under 27″ tall.
  • Please email if you can donate one of these. Thanks.