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Like the public library... but for tools

We found a new home!

For years we’ve been searching for a larger, better location. Thanks for all the leads you’ve given us!

At long last, all that effort has paid off. We finally found a new home for the tool library.

I know, exciting, isn’t it?

The new location is in the Hinson Baptist Church on SE Salmon St at 20th Ave, right near Colonel Summers Park. It has a huge parking lot, the space is well lit, and amazingly it has heat and air conditioning!! No longer do our volunteers have to wear scarves and ski hats in winter, or to sweat buckets in summer.

Before we go on about our new space, we want to thank the people at St David of Wales Church who have given us low-cost space since May 2010. As you know, we actually outgrew the space some time ago. We are truly grateful for what St David’s done for SEPTL and for our members.

So now, more about our new home. The people at the Hinson Church have been fabulous and welcoming. It is their hope, if I may speak for them, to support the community (their parking lot is already the site of the Thursday Buckman Farmer’s Market) and have welcomed us wholeheartedly from the first time we knocked on their door. We could not be more grateful. They are not even charging us rent, if you can believe it. We thank them, and promise to be good tenants.

Our good fortune does not stop there however! Division Hardware (at SE 37th) Manager Jeff Kellis told us “All of us at Division Hardware are happy to donate shelving to the SE Portland Tool Library as it moves to its new location and continues to offer free tools for the home projects that truly improve our entire community.”

What we have here is a perfect storm, in a good way. A new space and proper shelving both donated at the same time.

Now we have to make this happen!

It’ll be in three stages, and it depends on your muscle, your donations, and your business connections. So please read on:

The stages:

  1. a) Readying the new site and b) some acquisitions. (Now)
  2. Moving and setting up the new shelves (September)
  3. Moving our inventory to the new site. (October)

Please email us now at to help with stage 1 tasks:

Setting up the new site:

  • We’ll need to prep the new site. [First week of Sept, or perhaps last week of August?]
    • Remove the existing carpet.
    • Refinish the concrete floor. Can any of you get us a good deal on this? Anyone work for a flooring contractor, or have an uncle in the business?
    • Paint the floor, possibly some walls.


  • Under-desk drawers (with easy gliding drawers and total height under 27″) – with shallow drawers for office supplies and deeper one for hanging files, etc. that you can donate? Or do you have access to any we can get for free or cheap? 
  • A Chromebox computer. We can get a monitor from FreeGeek if needed.
  • A Chromebook laptop. The battery must still hold at least a 4 hour charge. Any cosmetic condition.
  • Android tablet. The battery must still hold at least a 4 hour charge. Any cosmetic condition.

Please email us now at if you can help with ANY of these items. Thanks!

Photo credit: CarbonNYC / Foter / CC BY


  1. e michael brandt says:

    In my unbridled excitement, in the first version of this post I had the Hinson Church address located down near New Seasons. As so many of you have let me know, the proper address is not at SE Clinton but SE Salmon, and 20th. Thanks for keeping me on my toes! – emb (sheepishly)