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Board Meeting July 9, 2015

A regular Board meeting of the SE Portland Tool Library (SEPTL) was held 7/09/2015 at ADX 417 SE 11th Ave, Portland, Oregon.

The meeting convened at 7:00 PM, President Sean Barnett presiding.

Members in attendance (* = Board member)

Sean Barnett* President
Kelly Faddis* Treasurer
Bob Weber* Secretary
Aaron Andrade* At Large
Jim Benton* At Large & tool Photographer
Steve Couche* At Large & Founder
Michael Brandt IT Guru
Ginny Benware Volunteer
Andrea Ball Volunteer Coordinator

Previous meeting minutes approved.



Matt Preston is marketing director of ADX ( 250 members) (503-915-4342) at 417 SE 11th. ADX is a hub for collaboration where individuals and organizations make and learn by sharing tools, knowledge, and experience.
ADX has a 14,000 factory floor facility for use by Portland’s maker community. ADX makes tap handles for brewpubs. 42% of their business is design and fabrication. They don’t lend their tools outside this space. Steve suggested that maybe SEPTL could partner with ADX for tool training and repairs.

ADX leases new tools and also uses cheap Harbor Freight tools. Most ADX tools are mid-range quality. They buy used hand tools at Ted’s Tool Shed 8819 SE Powell Blvd 97266 (503-777-3115)
Maybe SEPTL can refer our members to them to buy basic home-owner tools they should own.

Perhaps SEPTL can get advice from ADX about getting PDX City funding to buy tools. Big national and local push for Do it Yourself Makers activities Matt mentioned CEIC Central Eastside Creatives.

TOUR OF ADX by Matt Preston.

ADX offered SEPTL free Community Memberships for 1 month to up to 10 SEPTL volunteers doing 4 shifts or a $50 discount on their higher level ADX membership. They would need to first take a $10 ADX safety course. SEPTL would help ADX by promoting it to our membership. ADX members might help SEPTL with tool repairs or ADX and set an hourly rate to repair broken tools and SEPTL pays for needed parts.

Discussion about the number of shifts needed or the number of volunteer hours to trigger ADX reward.
Sean proposed setting up 6 shifts in a quarterly program  (s0 2 shifts a month) to get the ADX deal. Sean moved, Jim seconded, all approved to set it up and to hammer out the details with ADX. Specific implementation to be discussed at August Board meeting.


After discussion decided there was no benefit to SEPTL and not to do it in 2015.


Directors and Officers insurance for SEPTL would cost us about $1,200 yearly. Bob moved, Sean seconded,  all approved to purchase this type of policy.

Kelly is working on getting copies of SE Uplift’s general liability policy.


Glenn said number of volunteers is increasing, though Jim Benson said we need more regular repeat volunteers to build up skill levels. In the past volunteer training has held every Thursday evening during  the shift.  Andrea and Michael are working on a new plan to train on Saturdays, with mentors chosen from among our most seasoned volunteers.

Sean said volunteering needs to be a fun experience, and Andrea said we should try to get 3 volunteers for each shift.

NEPTL requires all Board members to do 1 shift a month, and has 1 paid volunteers paid to work a few hours at a shift.


Discussed by Board members who were able to visit it. Free wifi, heat and A/C, no rent.
Michael noted that is has low ceilings and steps down to access, and no outside space for large items. Steve noticed how brights space was compared to St Davids — we need to do a good job designing space to meet our needs. Sean said space very bright and was a good total package.

Could put full height shelving on all walls and remove carpet. Discussion of modifications to stairs – maybe replace stairs with ramp and add pushbutton door opener on both sides plus bigger window in door.

What is Hinson’s time frame for their offer?

Some other empty warehouse space possibilities in SE portland were discussed, but little known about ownership and availability for SEPTL use.

Sean said there were 2 things for Board to decide:
1. ramp/stairs access
2. total space for tools and admin area for check-in/out, memberships and repairs / cataloging / donations. Sean and Michael’s son Oliver are working on ladder / wheelbarrow / large wheeled tool access and storage. Discussion of used metal shelving possibilities.

Michael said we should decide about Hinson space before regularly scheduled August Board meeting because Division Hardware needs a final decision from us in 3 weeks.

Discussion of place for next Board meeting.

Minutes of June 11 meeting approved.