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Board Meeting June 11, 2015

A regular Board meeting of the SE Portland Tool Library (SEPTL) was held 6/11/2015 at the Barleymill Pub, 1629 SE Hawthorne, Portland, Oregon.

The meeting convened at 7:00 PM, President Sean Barnett presiding.

Members in attendance (* = Board member)

Sean Barnett* President
Bob Weber* Secretary
Aaron Andrade* At Large
Jim Benton* At Large
Steve Couche* At Large & Founder

Members not in attendance

Michael Brandt IT
Kelly Faddis* Treasurer
Glenn Devitt Data Handler
Ginny Benware Volunteer

Guests in attendance

Robin Koch Kitchen Share SE
Matt Preston ADX

Previous meetings minutes approved.


NEW SPACE UPDATE (Hinson Memorial Baptist Church 1137 Se 20th on Salmon St)

Pictures of the interior are on the SEPTL Google Drive. Space has 7′ 6″ dropped ceiling and straight path to outside door through hall. Entry is on Salmon a few steps down through entry hall – kitchen is on left side with pass through. Large square space is 920 sq. feet with columns in center. Free rent for SEPTL. Kitchen Share could share space and software with SEPTL (now uses 30 sq. ft in cabinets – could use twice that and a table/desk for volunteers and laptop) Steve said this would improve our traffic flow. Sean will send floor plan and discuss sharing space with Kitchen Share’s Robin Koch.


Matt Preston is marketing director of ADX (503-915-4342) at 417 SE 11th. ADX is a hub for collaboration where individuals and organizations make and learn by sharing tools, knowledge, and experience.

ADX has a 14,000 factory floor facility for use by Portland’s maker community. ADX makes tap handles for brewpubs. 42% of their business is design and fabrication. They don’t lend their tools outside this space. Steve said ADX has an incredible factory space — maybe SEPTL could partner with ADX for tool training and repairs. ADX leases new tools and also uses cheap Harbor Freight ttools to replace broken tools. Most ADX tools are mid-range quality. They buy used hand tools at Ted’s Tool Shed 8819 SE Powell Blvd 97266 (503-777-3115) Maybe SEPTL can refer our members to them to buy basic home-owner tools they should own. Perhaps SEPTL can get advice from ADX about getting PDX City funding to buy tools — big national and local push for Do it Yourself Makers activities Matt mentioned CEIC Central Eastside Creatives.


Sean mentioned long-term need to tap into funding sources, and short-term better use of our members for volunteering. Who in SE Uplift talks to City of Portland about money and grants and funding?? Branding SEPTL is the key — need cool logo for our web site and cards. ADX offers more to volunteers to get longer time commitments. Maybe SEPTL could offer 1/2 price tickets to ADX tool classes ADX gets tax write off. Maybe SEPTL could have Board meeting at ADX and tour facility (MWF 6-10 pm)

Ginny suggesting we get pro bono branding help to revise our brochure — more bullets and white space — add key rules of operation.


1. Add Thursday hours
2. Replace Free membership with $10 to $40 suggested donation for new members
3. Print 100 copies at Kinkos — Board members could fold them


Bob moved to add Jim Benton as At Large Board member — Sean seconded and unanimous vote to approve.


Board discussed earmarking $5,000 to buy new tools after we decide on larger space to move into and expand shelving, and deciding on a future annual level of tool purchases.