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70 year old grandmother miters

Barbara, one of valued volunteers,  sent along some photos of her home improvement project, and this report that just aches to be online:

2015-04-18 11.37.21“A compound miter saw is a wondrous thing, especially if you own a not-quite-square 90 year old house. This baseboard project had LOTS of odd-angle mitered corners, and with stained wood, caulk wasn’t an option.

Thanks to SEPTL and the other SEPTL volunteers for keeping this valuable resource open, and for providing me with good tool recommendations and tools large and small, some of which I didn’t even know existed until they were recommended or I discovered them while checking items back in to the tool library.

I’m a retired computer programmer, and I didn’t have a lot of woodworking experience before I started this home improvement process. I could wield a paintbrush, a sander, and an electric drill, but that was about it.

Most of all, it was fun, and I feel very satisfied every time I walk upstairs and see my handiwork.

I should also give a shout out to the PCC woodworking classes and the shop and shop teachers at Franklin High School for instruction and access to tools for making built-ins, and some wooden toys for my grandchildren.

Back in my day, girls weren’t allowed to take shop. We were required to take home ec. And vice-versa for boys.

SEPTL means that everyone can take on projects large and small, even 70 year old grandmothers!”

– Barbara






AFTER Barbara measured, cut, and installed the complex miter-jointed baseboards, final appearance: