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Board Meeting April 9, 2015

A regular Board meeting of the SE Portland Tool Library (SEPTL) was held 4/9/2015 at the St David of Wales Church Grace Room, 2800 SE Harrison, Portland, Oregon.

The meeting convened at 7:00 PM, Secretary Robert Weber presiding.

Members in attendance (* = Board member) :
Bob Weber*     Secretary
Blaine DeLancey* Volunteer Coordinator
Steve Couche*  At Large & Founder
E Michael Brandt IT Guru

Board Members* not in attendance
Sean Barnett*  President and Chair
Kelly Faddis*  Treasurer
Aaron Andrade* At Large

Previous meetings minutes approved.


VOLUNTEERS: Steve reported he spoke with a retired Boeing inventory expert named Dave Wilson who wants to start a tool library in Troutdale and volunteer at SEPTL to learn how we operate.  After discussion we agreed that although in general SEPTL volunteers need to be members and reside in the SE Uplift territory, his request seemed like an appropriate exception.

Maybe approach Fraternal Order of Eagles retirees (REAC) for doing shifts if they can become members?  Somebody should talk to Mr. Rifland of the Eagles — Sean is a member and Steve knows some Eagles.  Bob volunteered to speak with them along with Sean  Sean had offered find out when they meet and to let Bob know. REAC meets every 2nd & 4th Wednesday at 6pm.

HIRING SHIFT WORKERS:  after discussion decided not to do this.

SEPTL 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ON MAY 1 — should we celebrate?? After discussion we decided there was not enough interest or enthusiasm to plan this.

WHAT TO DO ABOUT MEMBER xxxx? After discussion, it surfaced that the borrowing notes about his lateness were from a previous year and he has been a responsible member since then and paid his fines, so we agreed to reinstate his borrowing rights and revisit his late tool return record in the future.

ELECTRIC LAWNMOWERS: We have four out of service electric mowers sitting outdoors by the ladders under a tarp.  They take up valuable floor space inside and are hard to maintain and keep clean, so we agreed not to buy any more electric mowers, but accept donations and scrap them when they stop working.  Bob will try to repair one or two with inexpensive parts.

HAVING A USED TOOL SALE AT THE MAY 9 SHARPENING EVENT:  Board discussed and agreed to ask Aaron to add “Tool Sale” to sharpening flyer and Michael will add a notice on web site.

EMERGENCY PROCEDURES: After discussion about risk of fire, agreed to buy a fire extinguisher for electric fires to keep near the SEPTL desk.  Bob will get one for <$25 with a wallmounting bracket.



Tool Sharpening May 9 (10 am to 4 pm in St Davids parking lot)– Casey may coordinate — Sean emailed the sharpener and he is willing to bring his van again. We will have sale for excess and unwanted tools during this event.