SouthEast PortlandTool Library
Like the public library... but for tools

Board Meeting March 12, 2015

A regular Board meeting of the SE Portland Tool Library (SEPTL) was held 3/12/2015 at the Backstage McMenamins, 604 SE 37th, Portland, Oregon.

The meeting convened at 7:00 PM, Chairman Sean Barnett presiding.

Members in attendance (* = Board member) :

Sean Barnett* President and Chair
Kelly Faddis* Treasurer
Bob Weber* Secretary
Aaron Andrade* At Large
Steve Couche* At Large & Founder
Glen Devitt Volunteer
Michael Brandt IT Guru

Board Members not in attendance

Blaine DeLancey* Volunteer Coordinator


DIRECTOR & OFFICER INSURANCE Glen and Kelly explained that SEPTL is covered by SE Uplift’s liability insurance policy but not yet named. They have contacted SE Uplift to get SEPTL named on their policy. However SE Uplift cannot add a rider for SEPTL D&O coverage. We could get D&O insurance which would cover Board members’ expenses for (a) defending a claim (b) coverage for suits by part time or freelance SEPTL staff (if we were to start paying someone to cover shifts). Board discussed getting SEPTL’s own liability insurance. Glenn will check this out further.

Sean proposed we should get D&O Insurance ( for $800 to $1200 per year) to protect individuals on SEPTL Board from cost of lawsuits. Kelly seconded and Board approved. We agreed to put our insurance documents on our web site.

SCHEDULING TOOL REPAIRS AND PHOTOS DURING OPEN HOURS: Board discussed but made no decision. During tool repairs and tool photos Michael needs to be there to fix tools and take photos — need a few volunteers to bring tools outside — maybe schedule in June with nice weather and start taking photos soon.

PAYING VOLUNTEERS FOR SHIFTS: After discussion, most Board members were against this. Agreed to put on hold and discuss in future.

MEMBER SURVEY: We should do a survey of members — why don’t they volunteer?? Steve suggested having levels of volunteering with different rewards (i.e gift cards for coffee or beer or etc??) maybe $5 card for being trained $10 card for a shift?

Board agreed a one-time survey of members is a good idea – discussed what to ask. Glenn suggested: Save the tool library — we need volunteers to stay open –please sign up for one shift. Other questions: what do you want from the tool library? Do you find what you want when you come? Why do you volunteer? Why haven’t you? What incentives would make you volunteer? Survey should be online and multiple choice with sections to answer or not. Glenn
will draft an example. Maybe offer a <$50 tool or tool gift certificate from hardware store or Lowes- get a ticket in a drawing for completing survey. Drawing for 1 prize among members doing the survey.

Maybe approach Fraternal Order of Eagles retirees for doing shifts? Somebody should talk to Mr. Rifland of the Eagles — Sean is a member and Steve knows some Eagles. Bob volunteered to speak with them along with Sean. Sean will find out when they meet and let Bob know.


REPAIR PDX MARCH 20: 6-8:30 In Parish Hall — Bob will help set up and take down. Valerie can make brownies; Steve can get $50 of hummus and veggies tray and coffee from B&F Coffee on 26 & Clinton. Last Repair PDX at SEPTL had 25-30 people & was advertised in Sellwood Bee and our Website. Michael will put notice on website.

Tool Sharpening in May?? — Casey can coordinate — Sean emailed the sharpener and he is willing to bring his van again. Member and volunteer Megan Light works with the sharpener.

NEW MEMBER DONATIONS — going well — Aaron will make a sign with tool rental rates to promote generous donations.

Bob will begin emptying our cash box and dropping proceeds to Kelly ever other week.