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“My first wood furniture project”

Jed sent along photos for us to share of a project he recently completed using SEPTL tools. In his words:

“Here are some shots of the cart I made with the help of SEPTL. It was my first wood furniture project, and was really fun to do. Knowing that I can borrow the tools makes what would normally be a daydream a reality.”






We’d love to share photos of YOUR projects as well. Yes we know that some projects are as inglorious as rehanging a cast iron sewer pipe in your grungy basement, but no matter.  ALL are made possible by SEPTL tools and those who donate them, donate their money, and donate their time. Send your stories and your photos today!


  1. Nice!

  2. If this is you first wood furniture project it turned out really well. I love how practical of a project it was as well. This is something that I might want to try as well. Thanks for sharing.