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Like the public library... but for tools

Earn PDX Time Bank hours!


New! Help SEPTL and you’ll earn hours!

Okay so what does that mean? Simple. When you donate time to help SEPTL, you’ll earn hours that you can then use to “pay” someone else to work for YOU! There are uncountable services that you might want to have someone help you with.

A few examples are to ask someone to:

  • Drive you to your doctor or dentist, or supermarket, or even do the marketing for you!
  • Help you plant your garden in the spring, or hang storm windows in the fall.
  • Cook a meal for you (you pay for the ingredients of course).
  • Get some help with web design, or setting up a new computer.
  • Have someone teach you to cook pies, or speak Spanish, or make gift cards.
  • Rake your leaves, cut your grass, weed your flowerbeds.
  • Organize your garage.

There is no limit to what you can get in exchange for the hours you help SEPTL.

Okay how do you do this?

  1. First become a member of, and
  2. Then sign up to help at

Our current Requests:

  1. Working shifts at SEPTL. Let us know (in our Shift Log) that you are earning timebank hours.
  2. We want to begin photographing all our tools. No need to be a real photographer, just a decent smartphone or other digital camera, the ability to take nice photos and work independently! Have your own floodlights? Wow, even better!
  3. Really ANY of the other volunteer ideas listed on the Help Us sign-up form!