SouthEast PortlandTool Library
Like the public library... but for tools

We feel the love!


Our members and neighbors were incredibly generous at the close of last year giving to the 2014 Willamette Week Give!Guide. The three participating tool libraries will each get one third of the $6600 total that was donated to the Portland Tool Libraries! WOW.

If any of you missed the chance to donate, golly don’t fret! There’s always a Donate button in the left column of our website, and of course our famous money jar and snazzy Square card swiper at the library itself. And don’t forget in the right column of our website is the link to have Fred-Meyer give us a bit of their profit every time you a make a purchase. Truly a painless way to support the tool library.

With this cash infusion we’ll build our tool collection and improve the condition of our current stock. You made it possible.

Thank you!

– the SEPTL Board