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Board Meeting Nov 20, 2014

A regular Board meeting of the SE Portland Tool Library (SEPTL) was held 11/20/2014 at the Backstage McMenamins, 1604 SE 37th, Portland, Oregon.

The meeting convened at 7:15 PM, Treasurer Kelly Faddis presiding.

Members in attendance (* = Board member) :

Kelly Faddis*  Treasurer
Bob Weber*     Secretary
Steve Couche*  At Large & Founder
Aaron Andrade* At Large
Michael Brandt IT Guru
Glenn Devitt    Volunteer

Board Members not in attendance
Blaine DeLancey* Volunteer Coordinator
Sean Barnett*  President and Chair

Lenore Eklund and Nicole Wilson from PDX Timebank

The meeting convened at 7:15 PM.

There were no minutes from the October 9, 2014 meeting to approve.

Our guests described the mission of PDX Time Bank. Re-Launched in June 2014, it has 50 members around Portland who match organizations in need of assistance with people having needed skills. Time Bank members receive time credits which can be spent on needed services from individuals or organizations in the network.  All hours of services are equal, and joint social events combine with online linking, with members rating their experiences providing and getting services. SEPTL discussed using Time Bank to fill shifts and other tasks.  Very little time is required of members beyond providing services.  Members track their activities using Time Bank software.  Kelly moved and Bob seconded a motion for SEPTL to join Time Bank which passed unanimously.

TOOL REPAIR NIGHTS – Board decided to wait til January to schedule if needed.

GIVE GUIDE – Active and being used for donations to all Portland Tool Libraries together.  Money is split 1/3 to North, NorthEast and SouthEast Tool Libraries.

ONE TIME CASH DONATIONS FROM NEW MEMBERS  –  Board discussed adding a donation link to the Web Site as a step in signing up for membership.

Beginning January 1, 2015 new members must check off either:

1:  Donate ($10 to $40) now  (when membership is finalized give cash at desk or credit using Square device)

2: Won’t make donation now ( but keep requesting one when they try to check out a tool)before they can enter their new member information online.

Michael agreed to take over volunteer tracking and communications from Blaine and set up this process on our software.

DIRECTOR AND OFFICER INSURANCE FOR SEPTL BOARD – SEPTL’s lack of this prevents some members from serving on the board.

This would cost around $1200 yearly and fills the gap between our SE Uplift insurance coverage and possible lawsuits for member injuries from using our tools or being in our facility.  Perhaps all 3 PDX tool libraries can get coverage together to reduce costs?? (Apparently not.)

SUGGESTED $5 DONATION FOR SEPTL SPONSORED WORKSHOPS — can we put this on the fliers and web site announcements??

FUTURE WORKSHOPS – Board discussed how many events we can hold per year at St David spaces according to our contract.  Steve will ask Sarah, who is leaving St Davids as pastor soon.

SEPTL population base is over 150,000, compared to NEPTL with 100,000 and North PTL with $61,000, so we should be able to sustain a larger membership and funding base.  To be discussed at future meetings.

Meeting adjourned at 9 PM.