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Board Meeting July 10, 2014

A regular Board meeting of the SE Portland Tool Library (SEPTL) was held 07/12/2014 at the Backstage McMenamins  – 1604 SE 37th, Portland, Oregon.

The meeting convened at 7:15 PM, Chairman Sean Barnett presiding.

Members  in attendance: * is Board member

Sean Barnett* – Chair
Robert Weber* – Secretary
Kelly Faddis* – Treasurer
Aaron Andrade* – At Large
Blaine Delancey* – Volunteer Coordinator
Steve Couche* – At Large & Founder
Michael Brandt – IT Guru

Doug Kegel – Guest for upcoming HVAC workshop

APPROVED June minutes posted on web site.


Kelly asked to make $$ report quarterly since monthly changes are small — Board voted to approve this change effective immediately, so no $$ numbers until October

Kelly said our Give Guide net for 2014 was $1,200 after paying the fee.  She applied for 2015 and will forward publicity ideas to the board.

Fred Meyer matches SEPTL member’s rewards card purchases with a donation to SEPTL but no obvious link on our web site for FM Community Rewards yet.


Seismic Workshop July 12 9 am to noon in St Davids Parish Hall — Board members will set up and take down for this.

Division/Clinton St Fair July 26  – morning volunteers Steve and Bob; afternoon shift Sean and Ginny  — Discussion of possible activities : decided to raffle off some inexpensive power tools ( Bob will buy a drill and sawzall and Sean will buy a roll of raffle tickets) — Sean will check out and bring some SEPTL tools to display on our table — Steve will bring awning, SEPTL banner and table and Bob will bring 2 chairs)

Buckman Picnic August 10 4-8 PM — Bob and Steve will do 4 hours – bare minimum of setup and displays.

HVAC Workshop for October 14 Saturday AM : Doug Kegel a recent SEPTL member has 25 years experience as an HVAC Contractor.  Doug outlined his 2 hour interactive workshop covering homeowner activities to improve home energy efficiency and comfort. Doug can help with electrical permits and outline DIY projects feasible for homeowners.  Doug will need a whiteboard and table but no projector and screen. He will make his own flier for this workshop and expects 20-40 attendees.


Michael said the new method of describing un-numbered tools with ? or 000 is working fine — He is working on posting the pictures of our new tools taken by Bob, this is very time consuming to do

NEWSLETTER has been discontinued as a regular event.  Michael is doing ad hoc Newsletters as needed.


Steve discussed having a Repairnet event at St Davids — Repairnet members could use SEPTL location to repair our tools – perhaps get a small room at St Davids — SEPTL would put our broken tools into Repairnet queue and pick a night to repair them

Meeting adjourned 8:45 pm