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Hospital treats SEPTL volunteer as VIP


There are so many benefits to becoming a SEPTL volunteer, but here’s one we had not recognized ’til now.

For the past few weeks, Thursday night visitors may have noticed that I have been trying, poorly, to fill in for Joe who injured a knee and is out of commission for a while.  Here’s how Chelsey first told me about their ER visit:

Yuk. He’s got a brace on and crutches. Funny story too- he was wearing his SEPTL volunteer t-shirt and one of the ER nurses is a member and exclaimed “omg are you guys the joe & chelsey on the website?!” Well yes we are….I swear we got special treatment after that. It was pretty funny.

Now, we are not able to promise VIP treatment for every volunteer, but, well, you never know. So, just in case, sign up to volunteer now!

Want to leave a message for Joe?, Add a Comment below. And thanks.