SouthEast PortlandTool Library
Like the public library... but for tools

Board Meeting June 12, 2014

A regular Board meeting of the Southeast Portland Tool Library (SEPTL) was held 06/12/2014 at the Lucky Lab Pub – 914 SE Hawthorne, Portland, Oregon.

The meeting convened at 7:20 PM, Chairman Sean Barnett presiding.

Members  in attendance: * is Board member

Sean Barnett* – Chair
Robert Weber* – Secretary
Kelly Faddis* – Treasurer
Aaron Andrade* – At Large
Blaine Delancey* – Volunteer Coordinator
Steve Couche* – At Large & Founder
Michael Brandt – IT Guru

APPROVED May minutes posted on web site..

TREASURER REPORT: Kelly wants to reduce her activities, but will still do Treasurer duties and volunteer some shifts.

SEPTL Bank Balances 5/31/14:

Rivermark Credit Union  $8283
SE Uplift              $3414
Paypal                 $ 282
Checks/cash to Deposit $2000
TOTAL                 $13797

Historical Bank Balances:
12/31/1010                     $ 600
12/31/2011                     $1300
12/31/2012                     $5000
12/31/2013                    $10300

Income & Expenses 1/1 – 5/31/14:

Income (late fees)                $937
Income (donations)              $2,246
Income (tool sales)
Income (tool sharpening event)
Income (interest)                   $5
TOTAL INCOME                   $3,206

Rent               $378
Tools       $741
Other       $397
TOTAL EXPENSES                 $1,515

INCOME LESS EXPENSES            $1,673

2013 Deposits average $550/month
2013 Expenses average $200+/month = average $350/month “profit”


Blocking loans to late members:  Michael asked Board to choose how many weeks members can be “late” to trigger the Block Borrowing algorithm. Board voted for one week late.  After 8 weeks late total members lose borrowing priveleges until possible reinstatement after returning all tools and paying late fines and written promise to obey SEPTL rules. Until late member returns all tools and pays fines, no renewals or tool checkouts are permitted.

Un-numbered tools can now be checked out using the new procedure — enter a question a ‘?’ or ‘000’ in tool number field brings up a window to enter tool name, size, any parts included, power source and fine per week late — plus a SUBMIT button, similar to the SAVE button after checking out numbered tools.

Changed threshold when returned tools become “Late” — to reduce rush of returns and shift load to the 2nd shift on Saturdays — Now tools are due by 12 Noon Saturday and closing time (7PM) on Tuesday and Thursday.

Effective immediately!!


Seismic Workshop July 12 9 to noon in St Davids Parrish Hall — we need help setting up for this

SEPTL table at Street Fairs – Board discussed having display at Division/Clinton Fair Saturday July 26.  Bob will help staff table in the morning. Need to schedule other volunteers.  Board talked about SEPTL volunteers making cedar birdhouses to hand out and perhaps raffle off a cordless drill for $1 tickets. Sanderson Safety Supply in SE Portland might donate small items like gloves.  Board agreed to pay $50 fee for nonprofits and supply wood and tools.  Sean will ask Liz Potter of New Seasons (on Street Fair board) if power tool use is OK.

SEPTL Volunteer appreciation Party:  Jut a few raffle prizes donated so far.  Board discussed whether this is worth the effort – it needs a champion to organize and plan this. Give a raffle ticket to volunteers during 2014. Schedule this later in the the Fall.

VOLUNTEERS:  Blaine said

BOARD MEETING LOCATION:  For July 10 we’ll try the Backstage Pub upstairs at the Bagdad Theater.

NEW TOOLS – Bob bought several, including bolt cutter, lopper, hammer drill, twist drill bits, replacement gears for our push mowers, and spare key for ladders/wheelbarrow chain lock.

Board mentioned Home Depot tool discount program — Bob checked it out and it works through US Communities – Bob registered SEPTL with them and requested a contact with Home Depot and might get 15 to 20% discounts on tool purchases.

NEW SEPTL SPACE – Michael checked with some local churches but no large enough spaces were available.  ADXPortland at 417 SE 11th Ave is outgrowing its space and may have an interest in renting to us for a low price and coordinating workshops with SEPTL — also SE Uplift is looking for spaces SEPTL might use.

FUNDRAISING : Board discussed Stanley Tools $10,000 community improvement grant.

Next Board meeting July 11, 7 PM at Backstage Pub behind Bagdad Theater 37th and Hawthorne.