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Rules changed

Simple Rules1) Tools are now due back by NOON on Saturday rather than 10am, and due back Tuesday and Thursday by 7 pm closing time.

2) The rest of this post was clear as mud, so I’ve rewritten it. This rule change is about borrowing or renewing when you have late tools or unpaid Late Fines.

>> Imagine a simple scene: you are standing at our front desk some day… and you are told that you MAY NOT borrow or renew a tool because:

Still sitting at home is a tool that was due back to us before today. (Solution – go home and get the tool!)
– or –
You returned a tool late on a prior visit but did not pay the Late Fine (Solution – simply pay your Fine)

>> But you MAY borrow or renew a tool today if:

A tool is due today whether you return it before or after the deadline (e.g. noon on Sat), or don’t return it today at all.

We know these rules updates may cause some awkward moments as we all adapt to these changes. In the long run we hope the new rules will boost the availability of our current tools by getting them back on the shelves sooner, and allow us to buy new tools (and maintain the old ones) by increasing collection of outstanding Late Fine balances.


  1. Steve Rauworth says:

    Just wanted to thank you for being there and doing this. I have a decent vocabulary, write a lot and can BS with the best of ’em, but I am at a loss for words to describe how cool this is, and how well it’s run. I know the library could always use more help, and it’s on my radar when I find the time. Which I will.
    Carry on madly,