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Seismic Retrofit Workshop – July 2014


When our last Seismic Retrofit Workshop filled to overflowing in January, we promised you a repeat engagement, and here it is for all of you who were turned away. For this Workshop we are once again tapping the skills and generosity of Michael Wieber of NW Seismic.

Pacific Northwest homeowners, or anyone who may some day own a home here, will find this workshop a must.

When: July 12, 2014
Time: 9am – noon
Cost: FREE (Donations really really appreciated though!)
Where: St David’s Episcopal Church, SE 28th Place and Harrison Ave.

Seating limited to about 50, so sign up fast! (And please contact us later if you must cancel!!)

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Topics will include:

  • Is this necessary, and does it work?
  • Permits
  • Prescriptive approach vs calculating the loads for your particular house
  • Lateral movement vs uplift
  • What features to avoid in purchasing a house
  • Concrete foundation quality
  • Tools
  • Epoxy vs mechanical anchors
  • Installation of hardware
  • Earthquake-activated gas shut-off valves

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(Image credit: NOAA, in the Public Domain)