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Board Meeting May 8, 2014

A regular Board meeting of the Southeast Portland Tool Library (SEPTL) was held 05/08/2014 at the Lucky Lab Pub 914 SE Hawthorne, Portland, Oregon.

The meeting convened at 7:00 PM, Chairman Sean Barnett presiding.

Members  in attendance: * is Board member

Sean Barnett* – Chair
Robert Weber* – Secretary
Kelly Faddis* – Treasurer
Blaine Delancey* – Volunteer Coordinator

APPROVED April and other past minutes posted on web site..


SEPTL Bank Balances 4/30/14

Rivermark Credit Union  $8665 (March/April late fees to be dep in May)
SE Uplift              $3434
Paypal                 $ 282
TOTAL                 $12381

Historical Bank Balances
12/31/1010                     $ 600
12/31/2011                     $1300
12/31/2012                     $5000
12/31/2013                    $10300

Income & Expenses 1/1 – 4/30/14

Income (late fees)                $937 (Mar/Apr late fees will be deposited in May)
Income (donations)              $2,266 (Mar/Apr donations will be deposited in May)
Income (tool sales)
Income (tool sharpening event)         (will be deposited in May)
Income (interest)                   $3
TOTAL INCOME                   $3,206

Rent               $378
Tools       $482
Other       $272
TOTAL EXPENSES                 $1,132

INCOME LESS EXPENSES            $2,074

2013 Deposits average $550/month
2013 Expenses average $200+/month = average $350/month “profit”

Kelly received some IBM employee donation checks.  SEPTL will get $4 checks every 2 weeks from

now on.

Give Guide : SEPTL made $1400 last year — Board voted to join again.   Kelly will coordinate this for 2015 and submit forms by June 2014.

Submitting Tool Donation Forms to SE Uplift — Steve Couche has done this in the past.  Kelly collected pink copies and will give them to Southeast Uplift.


Tool Sharpening Saturday May 10 10 AM to 5 PM in St Davids parking lot

This was not publicized much in advance or coordinated with St Davids.  Michael posted notice this week on web site and distributed some fliers updated from 2013.  Brian is OK with lower turnout.  This event will be repeated later in 2014.

SEPTL table at Street Fairs – Board discussed having display at Division/Clinton Fair Saturday July 26.  Bob will help staff table in the morning. Need to schedule other volunteers for this. Board talked about having materials and tools for a simple woodworking project like a cedar birdhouse for visitors to make.  Board agreed to pay $50 fee for non profits and supply wood and tools.  Sean will ask Liz Potter of New Seasons (on Street Fair board) if power tool use is OK

SEPTL Volunteer appreciation Party:  Jut a few raffle prizes donated so far.  Board discussed whether this is worth the effort – it needs a champion to organize and plan this. Give a raffle ticket to volunteers during 2014. Maybe defer to the Fall.

Seismic Workshop July 12  in St Davids Parrish Hall — we need help setting up for this.

VOLUNTEERS:  Blaine said Julie is helping train new volunteers during their first shift.  Due to low turnout no more scheduled training sessions are being held. [Clarification – new volunteers are now being trained during Thursday evening hours by Chelsey. This allows us to get folks trained within days of their signing up rather than having to wait for up to a month, so they can begin working shifts with and not be a deer in the headlights like before. We are also just now getting to reply to new volunteer sign-ups within 48 hours, hoping not to let any fall through the cracks as has happened in the past. – emb 5/12/14]

BOARD MEETING LOCATION:  We are still searching for a quiet, convenient spot. Barley Mill pub and Luck Lab are too noisy.  For June 12 we’ll try the Backstage Pub upstairs at the Bagdad Theater.


Bob mentioned buying quality cordless drill/impact driver set plus folding sawhorses at Home Depot for about $260 total and Board approved.

Kelly gave Bob the SEPTL Credit Card for streamlining buying tools.  Bob will email Kelly about any purchases and give her recipts.



  1. Chris Hudson says:


    I just discovered your project and think it is a great idea. I actually saw a blurb about Portland tool libraries in the “Portland Curbsider publication. I was wondering if Home Depot gave a discount when you purchase tools there.


  2. e michael brandt says:

    I am not sure if we’ve ever asked HD for a discount, but if not, we certainly should. I’ll look into it – Thanks, e michael brandt