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Tool Sharpening May 10, 2014



DATE: Saturday, May 10, 2014
TIME: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
WHERE: Parking lot of St. David’s Episcopal Church on the corner of SE 28th and Harrison Street.

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This is the time to get a fine edge on your kitchen knives, axes, chisels, pruners, straight mower blades.

Last year’s event was a tremendous success that raised over $700 for the tool library. SEPTL is hoping to net at least that much or more in this spring fundraiser.

Brian Beeson, a professional tool sharpener who has run our last two sharpening events, does all the sharpening on site out of a cargo trailer. Brian focuses mainly on garden and kitchen tools with prices generally between $5 to $8 per tool. Cash, checks and plastic are all accepted.

Brian commented, people often say they don’t have any “tools” but when you think about pocket knives,kitchen shears, shovels and hoes most people have quite a few tools. According to Brian sharpening tools really makes them safer because you have more control and less resistance with a sharp tool.

Brian also says that while sometimes people feel their tools are too old to bother sharpening, older tools are often of better quality metal than newer ones.

Brian has been sharpening tools all his life and he feels using his sharpening business to raise money for community groups helps him to give back to society.

Come early to be able to receive your finished items on the same day. If there are too many items to finish on Saturday, they will be available for pickup the following week during regular tool library hours (Tues, Thurs and Sat).

Have your tools sharp and efficient for spring gardening and home projects and help your neighborhood tool library at the same time.

— Okay I confess this copy is a rip-off of Barbara’s original from last year’s event. But hers was so good! (and the message is the same) – e michael brandt

photo credit: snowmentality via photopin cc no changes.


  1. Will he also be able to sharpen lawn mowers?

  2. e michael brandt says:

    He can sharpen straight-bladed lawnmowers – so power mowers but not spiral push reel ones. – e michael brandt