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Board Meeting April 10, 2014

A regular Board meeting of the SE Portland Tool Library (SEPTL) was held 4/10/2014 at the Barley Mill Pub 14th and SE Hawthorne, Portland, Oregon.

The meeting convened at 7:00 PM, Chairman Sean Barnett presiding.

Members  in attendance: * Board member

Sean Barnett* – Chair
Robert Weber* – Secretary
Steve Couche* – At large
E Michael Brandt – IT guru
Blaine Delancey* – Volunteer Coordinator

Guests – Steven and Dave of Bikes for Humanity


SEPTL Bank Balances 3/31/14

Rivermark Credit Union  $8853
SE Uplift              $3434
Paypal                 $ 282
TOTAL                 $12569

Historical Bank Balances
12/31/1010                     $ 600
12/31/2011                     $1300
12/31/2012                     $5000
12/31/2013                    $10300

Income & Expenses 1/1 – 3/31/14

Income (late fees)                $937 (Mar late fees will be deposited in April)
Income (donations)              $2,266 (Mar donations will be deposited in April)
Income (tool sales)
Income (tool sharpening event)
Income (interest)                   $3
TOTAL INCOME                   $3,206

Rent               $378
Tools       $294
Other       $272
TOTAL EXPENSES                   $944
2013 expenses average $200/month

INCOME LESS EXPENSES           $2,263

2013 Deposits average $550/month
2013 Expenses average $200+/month = average $350/month “profit”


Discussed Bikes for Humanity space near Cleveland HS at 3354 SE Powell Ave.  They pay $1250/month for 1500 sq ft with 2 year rent guarantee and earn income by reselling donated and refurbished high end bicycles/accessories and doing bike tuneups for donations at street fairs and parkways events. They get no grants or fund raisers.

Space – 2000 sq ft-  in their building basement will be available next year (2015) for unknown rent — no windows no bathroom — Board discussed that this wouldn’t meet our needs — we need 1000 sq ft with bathroom  and ideally windows.

Steve Green is Portland Business Development Coordinator with listings of available city owned surplus spaces.  Steve Couche will contact him. Multnomah county also owns many vacant buildings.

NEPTL pays $475/month rent to their church and a % of fines and gets reduced prices for tools from some hardware stores

Discussion of ways to get grants or other ways to raise more income for paying higher rent – also have members instruct on use of tools.

Steve mentioned need to partner with other groups to bring SEPTL toos to possible volunteer users/teachers – Impact NW handles finances/loans to help other non-profits get funds to buy space.

Wilkman Bldg at Holgate and 64th used to be library – now surplus/vacant and looking for proposals to rent it – near border with Lents TL (which has had a slow growth in its members) and far from our present members.

What is our mission/rationale at SEPTL – how would paying more rent for a bigger space effect this??  Present mission is tool storage model – just lending tools out – little or no education on proper use of tools


Board voted unanimously to add Kelly Faddis to the SEPTL Board as Treasurer.


April 13 1 to 5 PM – Naturescaping — Michael, Blaine and Bob will set up at 10 am – 40 people signed up (but only 20 attended)


Michael will get this out with a few articles – focus on new late tool fee borrowing blocking rule

SEPTL’s SE Uplift insurance doesn’t cover lawsuits against Board members — Michael asking for a bid see what this coverage would cost and Sean is getting insurance for his company and will ask about non-profit coverage


Bob mentioned buying 2 loppers and 2 weed whackers for about $120 and Board approved.


– Recorded by Robert Weber, Secretary


  1. I would pay for a short class in use of table saw, etc.

  2. e michael brandt says:

    We’d love to do those sorts of Workshops as well. The challenge has been finding someone with the right credentials – and a willingness to take on the liability – to do the teaching. – e michael brandt