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We’re adding Thursday evenings Apr 10 – AUG 30!

thumbsup_3958637561_7b76bfe511_m(Update: Chelsea and Joe have, by popular demand, graciously agreed to extend this through AUGUST now! Incredible. Another round of thank yous….) Thanks to members Chelsey and Joe, we are now able to open Thursday evenings for the next few months from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. This will be from April 10 through the end of  July AUGUST. 

If volunteers step up to work Thursday evenings into August and beyond, that’d be even MORE fabulous. (Lookin’ at you!)

You’ll be able to borrow and return tools on a more flexible schedule during this busy season, and take some of the pressure off of Tuesdays and Saturdays which have become so busy.

Be sure to thank Chelsey and Joe when you’re in, or thank them in a comment here!

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  1. Valerie Garrett says:

    Thank you Chelsey and Joe. That is so generous of you both!

  2. Lynne P. says:

    Great to see that the library continues to grow!!