SouthEast PortlandTool Library
Like the public library... but for tools

Board Meeting March 13, 2014

A regular Board meeting of the Southeast Portland Tool Library (SEPTL) was held 3/13/2014 at the Barley Mill Pub 14th and SE Hawthorne, Portland, Oregon.

The meeting convened at 7:00 PM, Chairman Sean Barnett presiding.

Members  in attendance: * is Board member

Sean Barnett* – Chair
Robert Weber* – Secretary
Steve Couche* – At large
E Michael Brandt – IT guru
Blaine Delancey* – Volunteer Coordinator
Aaron Andrade* – At Large
Kelly Faddis – Treasurer

TREASURER REPORT: Kelly presented figures

SEPTL Bank Balances 2/28/13

Rivermark Credit Union  $9030
SE Uplift              $3434
Paypal                 $ 282
TOTAL                 $12746

Historical Bank Balances
12/31/1010                     $ 600
12/31/2011                     $1300
12/31/2012                     $5000
12/31/2013                    $10300

Income & Expenses 1/1 – 1/31/14

Income (late fees)                $937
Income (donations)              $2,266
Income (tool sales)
Income (interest)                   $2
TOTAL INCOME                   $3,205

Rent                     $360
Tools                $152
Other                $254
TOTAL EXPENSES                   $766
2013 expenses average $200/month

INCOME LESS EXPENSES           $2,440

2013 Deposits average $550/month
2013 Expenses average $200+/month = average $350/month “profit”


  • We had our first Seed Swap. Steve thought it was successful, not just for the number of people who passed through the Seed Swap, but for all of the good discussion that happened, and the exposure of the Seed Library at the SEPTL to members and the general public. Between 35 and 50 people came over the course of the day, many dropping off seeds and number of people picking up seeds.


They have a great space with a ramp down (so no stairs) with bright lighting and heat.  Separate room for tool maintenance with workbench and storage for parts and repair tools.  NEPTL has 5,000 members with $12 optional membership fee and pays $480/month for their space in Redeemer Lutheran church.  A credit card reader is used for fines.  They get large grants and also rely on late fines and donations to buy many new identical tools to simplify maintenance.


  • Sean met with Paul Leitner of PDX office of Neighborhood Involvement about unused buildings.  Paul will send Sean a list of vacant buildings SEPTL could apply for.  SEPTL might share a building with another nonprofit to reduce our cost.

UPCOMING EVENTS  Street Fair participation will be discussed at next Board Meeting

  • NATURESCAPING WORKSHOP  April 13 Sunday 1 AM to 3 PM in Basement : Sean Aaron and Bob will help setup at 10 AM    35 members are signed up – they will get 2-3 native plants
  • TOOL REPAIR – no date yet – end of April
  • TOOL SHARPENING EVENT May 10 10AM-5PM in parking lot same trailer as before
  • SOCIAL HOUR for volunteers sometime in June – no venue yet– some raffle donations for 4 prizes – a good start!
  • SEISMIC WORKSHOP July 12 same speaker as before but held in Parrish Hall -easier to setup

IT REPORT by Michael

  • Pictures of tools may be added
  • Late tool calls are not being done – we need to jazz up the process – seems that best time for calls is Sunday afternoon since the phones seem to be answered more frequently.  NEPTL has a dedicated volunteer RepoMan who makes home visits to request overdue tools back – has been successful


  • Outside Signs must be Red to match St David signs – we need a “SEPTL IS OPEN” sign with hooks to hang under the open hours sign already on the wall, also a “DON’T LEAVE TOOLS OUTSIDE” sign
  • Inside signs white letters on light blue printed and laminated
  • All walls in front entry room should be drywalled in April, then painted with donated paint in May
  • SEPTL should have a prominent Volunteer Corner celebrating frequent volunteers and member projects
  • A solid wood interior door would be more secure.
  • Maybe swap tools locations in the 2 back rooms — move shelves from front to back rooms and raise bottom shelves so large tools will fit underneath.  Rooms have almost identical dimensions – front is a bit longer and shelves could fit around the annoying ductwork in the back room and add a middle shelve row for smaller tools.  Bob will talk to Aaron about removable shelf edge labels to identify tools and send pictures of our current shelves and NEPTL’s signage from our visit.

NEWSLETTER  Steve will write a Seed Swap article for the website

EMERGENCY PROCEDURES – deferred to next meeting