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Board Meeting November 14, 2013

A regular meeting of the Southeast Portland Tool Library (SEPTL) was held 11/14/2013 in St Davids Church Grace Room, Portland, Oregon.  The meeting convened at 7:05 PM, Chairman Sean Barnett presiding.

Members and guests in attendance: * is Board member (QUORUM)
Sean Barnett* – Chair
Robert Weber* – Secretary
Casey Cotton* – Treasurer
Blaine Delancey* – Volunteer Coordinator
Aaron Andrade* – At Large
Kelly Faddis – Asst Treasurer
E Michael Brandt – IT guru
Jeff Riffland – East portland Eagles Lodge – guest

Members not in attendance * is Board member
Steve Couche* – At large
Jeff Horne* – At large
Barbara McLean (Newsletter)
Hindi Iserhott* – At Large

Minutes of previous meeting approved

SEPTL Bank Balances 10/31/13

Rivermark Credit Union  $8602
SE Uplift   $1168
Paypal    $ 282
TOTAL    $9512

Historical Bank Balances
1/1/1011   $ 600
1/1/2012   $1300
1/1/2013   $5000
11/1/2013   $9500

INCOME AND EXPENSES 1/1 – 10/31/13

Income (late fees & donations) $4709
Income (tool sales)   $190
Income (tool sharpening event)  $721

Expenses (rent & misc) TOTAL  $2210


Sean discussed whether SE Uplift requires our members to live within SE Uplift boundary.  SE Uplift said we can lend to anyone we want. Board discussed and decided to ask Michael to change software to add only the zip code that straddles Portland and Milwaukie to keep our members fairly close to our location.

Casey has a neighbor who does inexpensive business cards – he will contact them for a quote – Board decided to just have only SEPTL logo and web site on cards.  Board will carry them to distribute.

Sean talked with Barbara McLean about content and asked her to begin writing a January issue

Tuesdays  CLOSED 11/24 and 12/31
Saturdays CLOSED 11/30 and 12/28

Jeff introduced Jeff Riffland of East Portland Eagles Aerie 3256 (4904 Se Hawthorne Ave) to talk about getting regular volunteers. Jeff talked about the Eagles.) It is a working men’s club that supports charities and fosters people helping people. The Eagles use a Facebook page to communicate with their members and volunteers and to promote their programs, events and workshops. Meetings are 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month. Eagles find that elderly and retirees, especially military veterans, are their best and most active volunteers.

They have twice monthly meetings for retirees.  Casey will delegate having a SEPTL Board member speak to Eagles at one of their meetings – maybe we can tap into Eagles with tool experience as SEPTL volunteers. Eagles uses the VOLUNTEER section of Craigslist for free advertising for events and getting volunteers.  Ads can be renewed after 7 days

Eagles have enough things to do  for their volunteers : i.e. they run a secure Xmas party for battered women and abused children.  They host parties for Free Geek – they pay for room at Eagles with donations.  Eagles hosts parking l;ot sales for senior members and Cleveland HS girl’s basketball team

Retired Eagles Activity Club REAC is 75% older women

Jeff mentioned contacting Metropolitan Family Services as a source of volunteers for SEPTL


Board agreed to hold a workshop each quarter

WINTER – Seismic Retrofit Workshop January 11, 2014 in Grace Room of St Davids –  Michael Wieber will teach class – we could fit 30 attendees in room – Details and Registration via our website.

SPRING  – Rain Garden Workshop in April??  Sean will schedule this.

SUMMER /FALL – tiling or painting or use of power tools to build a simple wood bench

TOOL SHARPENING EVENT – we should do annually maybe June when weather is better – we get 25% of gross receipts and our tools sharpened except reel lawnmowers – Bob said the last left over knife from Tool Sharpening Event was picked up (finally!!) from TL recently after many reminders.

PORTLAND PARKWAYS Street Fairs – we should have a booth at some – July 26 : Division / Clinton St –  August Hawthorne or Belmont St

– we need a quiet place to meet
– SEPTL could front drinks and snacks and get a % of extra food/drink orders
– Lucky Lab on Morrison has a separate room for meetings.
– Valerie is talking with Whole Foods about donating coupons
– Hop House will donate a free growler of been
– maybe we get Harbor Freight discounts and free items to raffle off at meeting so everyone wins something for volunteering.

TOOL INVENTORY  to be held in early January

NEW VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION – Blaine held one Nov 22 that trained one member, held the third Friday each month –post signs in TL and on website


Kelly will clean clutter in front room of TL

LATE TOOL FINES – Threshold to block borrowing is $15 – make sure volunteers know this — online system shows fines outstanding.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.