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Board meeting Sep 12, 2013

9/12/13  (7pm – 9:15 pm, St. Davids of Wales Church)

Michael Brandt (IT Guru)
Sean Barnett (President) *
Susan (St. Davids Facilities Curator)
Steve Couche (co-founder) *
Blaine Delancey (Volunteer Coordinator) *
Kelly Faddis (de facto Treasurer)
Aaron Andrade (At Large) *
* = Board Member

Addressing SEPTL’s volunteer shortage was the main topic of this meeting. Susan from St. Davids graciously agreed to offer ideas & insight (she’s an expert in the field of volunteer recruitment & involvement). She was a great resource & her insight was very valuable. Susan said that in order to be sustainable & get members to volunteer, we need members to be invested in SEPTL and to feel ownership. Her ideas included:

  • Making volunteering at SEPTL fun. Improving the volunteering experience:
  • Have drinks/snacks/pizza at Board meetings and other events
  • Have music playing during borrowing hours (Aaron brought in speakers for volunteers to connect to their mp3 devices during shifts)
  • Offer volunteer incentives (i.e. discounts at local hardware stores, snacks, etc.)
  • Scheduling a minimum number of events each year (plan now for 2014). For example:
  • Social events:
    • Quarterly happy hour (SEPTL to pay for a modest amount of free food)
    • Annual party/volunteer appreciation (SEPTL used to do this, pizza, raffle prizes)
  • Education events:
    • Quarterly education events (i.e. workshops on seismic retrofitting, weatherization, etc.; consider making the events free for members & mild cost, i.e. $2, for non-members; have donation jar & promotional material out)
    • Kelly will get these listed in the SE Examiner
    • Valerie will post on Facebook and get them listed on the CNRG website & in the Buckman Voice
    • Michael will post on our website
    • Steve will get them listed in the SE Uplift newsletter
  • Fundraising events:
    • Annual fundraising night at local restaurant (i.e. Hopworks, Pastaworks, Lucky Lab, etc.)
    • Annual tool-sharpening event
    • We also discussed possibly establishing an annual volunteer requirement (i.e. members would need to volunteer a minimum number of hours in order to have borrowing privileges; in lieu of that they could pay a modest annual membership fee). The benefits of this would include members feeling more invested in the library and SEPTL having enough volunteers to work shifts. The challenges include possibly disgruntled members & the extra work involved in implement & tracking this system.

Susan mentioned that PSU has a one year fundraising certificate program whose participants need to write a grant for a non-profit in order to complete the program. This could possibly be a great way for SEPTL to acquire grant money (to fund the cost of a new space or other purposes).

Kelly Faddis presented financial performance through 8/31/13:

  • SE Uplift account: $1,168
  • Rivermark Credit Union: $7,484
  • TOTAL FUNDS: $8,652
  • INCOME YTD: $4,879 (late fees/donations/tool sales: $4,008 plus Tool sharpening: $721)
  • EXPENSES YTD: $2,047 (Rent: $636, Tool purchases: $687, Misc [canopy purchase, supplies, non-profit filing fee, Give Guide fee, etc.]: $724)

Recorded by Kelly Faddis