SouthEast PortlandTool Library
Like the public library... but for tools

Board Minutes August 2013

A regular meeting of the SEPTL was held 8/9/2013 in St.Davids Church Grace Room, Portland, Oregon. The meeting convened at 7:05 PM, Chairman Sean Barnett presiding

Members in attendance: * is Board Member
Sean Barnett ( Chair) *
Robert Weber (Secretary) *
Casey Cotton (Treasurer) *
Kelly Faddis (Asst Treasurer)
Blaine Delancey (Volunteer Coordinator)*
Pete Stuchlik (At Large, collections) *
Aaron Andrade (At Large) *
E Michael Brandt (IT guru)
Hindi Iserhott (via VOIP from Bali)*

Members not in attendance:
Steve Couche (At Large)*
Jeff Horne (At Large) *
Barbara McLean (Newsletter editor)

Minutes of previous meeting: approved


Kelly Faddis presented chart of assets, income and expenses through JULY 31, 2013:

SE Uplift account: $798
Rivermark Credit union: $6871

(late fees/donations $1,849 plus Tool sharpening $721)
(Rent $636 Tools $511 Misc [canopy, Hindi farewell, non-profit OR filing $306])

Board approved change in signatories on Rivermark checking account:

Removed Steve Couche and Robert Weber
Added Casey Cotton and Kelly Faddis

Board chatted with Hindi via VOIP from Bali – she is doing well living 10 minutes from the beach; her teaching starts Sunday after closure for Ramadan.


Security – Casey is not done yet improving Tool Library door – hard to fit stronger door in jamb — he will get a floor lock

Fixit items sent to Susan Leo of St Davids:

  • Better internet provider – we were without useable service again recently.
  • Access to phone line (Michael reports he spoke with Susan Leo about this: Not possible to extend church phone line from robing room due to possible use for long distance)
  • Casey will explore getting a cheap pay as you go cell phone and buy $15-25 per month minutes – he will get and drop off at TL – perhaps store in file cabinet
  • Casey said St Davids paid us $64 for work gloves spoiled and damage to our tools – dirty gloves given to church.


  • Casey removed wood and sold or discarded broken table saws
  • Michael repaired large table saw and put back in service


Blaine held Volunteer orientation but only 1, experienced, member came – he asked for RSVP but got no replies.

Board discussed posting a Volunteers Needed sign on door, web site and a newsletter article.

Hindi mentioned need for at least 2 volunteers per shift and Board agreed to close TL without at least 2 volunteers signed up per shift except second shift Sat when only one is required. Board decided against opening shorthanded and allowing only check-ins.

Michael has put link to Volunteerspot on middle laptop in TL so members can check needed slots and sign up while getting/returning tools. Bob will make sign to point to middle laptop.

Board discussed inducements for volunteers (coffee and donuts/cookies) – Blaine said he tried this 3 times but coffee machine in St Davids kitchen wasn’t working and there is no room near desk to keep food and insufficient electric outlets.

Board agreed to wait on implementing complimentary snacks/treats for volunteers until ST Davids coffee pot is repaired.

Hindi discussed to recruit volunteers – Sean will ask Steve to contact Eagles to get volunteers

Casey will design large sign or banner “Tool Library is CLOSED today due to lack of Volunteers” also “SEPTL is only open thanks to our members who volunteer”

Hindi mentioned need to send urgent request for volunteers email by Wednesday for Saturday shifts and by Saturday for Tuesday shift.

North Portland TL has a grant to pay for 1 paid tool checkout staff.

Michael said he has set up sending a “We are going to be closed” email to all members who have tools out, when we do decide to be closed.

Kelly suggested a minimum volunteer requirement to borrow tools : maybe once per year?? how to track and enforce??

Casey suggested next Board meeting should be all about lack of volunteers and ways to increase signups
with Susan Leo of St Davids

Northeast Tool Library has been closing due to lack of volunteers

If TL will be closed Blaine will make a sign and post it outside.  The decision to close will be made by noon the day before so Michael post to the webiste and send out emails to holders of tools, and Valerie can post to Facebook.

Sean asked all Board members to think about increasing our volunteers by next meeting in September

Oregon Business coverage of SEPTL in June 2013 issue “The Sharing Economy” nice picture of TL on page 24

Sean discussed spending several hundred $$ to put SEPTL in Willamette Week Give Guide Board approved expenditure if we can meet Aug 16 deadline.


We have $1,000,000 coverage for general, professional and umbrella liability – this covers member injuries using tools and Board member liability – Does SEPTL have any lawyer members? Sean will ask lawyer friends about D&O coverage and liability disclaimer signed by members.


passed Aug 1 deadline for articles – Board discussed frequency and what is impact of it – wait til Barb is here for decision

Michael suggested we have only 3 or 4 short items per issue. Barb will use Mail chimp for next Sept 1 issue. Aaron and Michael will help design new Newsletter layout when we move to Mail Chimp.


Board agreed to have donation box at events – Steve and Michael have contacts of previous workshops to hold again.


Bob proposed buying some hand weeders and grass cutters,since our electric week whackers don’t last long and are mostly broken when requested – he will pick up some and catalog/identify. – Approved by Board

Casey discussed extended warrantees purchased several years ago but not locatable in our files. Kelly will set up a spreadsheet to track info about our purchased tools (price paid, date purchased, warrantee information)


Presently, schedule is Bob Weber calls 1st week each month ; Barb McLean 2nd week, Ginny 3rd week, Pete will find caller for 4th week

Meeting adjourned 8:30 pm
notes August 18, 2013 by Robert Weber