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Board Minutes July 2013

A regular meeting of the SEPTL was held 7/11/2013 in St.Davids Church Grace Room, Portland, Oregon. The meeting convened at 7:08 PM, acting Chairman Sean Barnett presiding

Members in attendance: * is Board Member
Sean Barnett (Acting Chair & Treasurer) *
Robert Weber (Secretary) *
Casey Cotton (At Large) *
Blaine Delancey (Volunteer Coordinator)*
Pete Stuchlik (At Large, collections) *
Aaron Andrade (At Large) *
E Michael Brandt (IT guru)
Members not in attendance:
Steve Couche (At Large)*
Jeff Horne (At Large) *
Barbara McLean (Newsletter editor)

Minutes of previous meeting: approved


  • Just paid rent for July-December 2013   $318.00
  • Susan of St Davids will pay us $60 for damaged gloves and damaged garden tools
  •  SE Uplift account:                    $1475.13
  • Rivermark Credit union:        $6607.77
  •  Paypal:                                         $258.75
  • TOTAL FUNDS:                        $8341.65

1. NEW SEPTL CHAIR:  Steve Couche has stepped down as our Chair.

  • Casey nominated Sean as new Chair, seconded by Blaine -quorum of Board approves. Sean steps down as Treasurer.
  • Kelly Faddis is interested in acting as Treasurer – she is a CPA and can help with Treasurer duties but does not wish to join Board at this time..
  • Casey said Kelly would be good either as Vice Chair or Treasurer.  Our bylaws require as least 2 Board positions (Chair and Secretary – others are optional) Casey is willing to be named interim Treasurer duties with help from others like Kelly.

2. SEPTL LIABILITY INSURANCE: Blaine wonders if SE Uplift insurance covers SEPTL for any members injury but not the Board.

  • Discussion followed about degree of SE Uplift insurance coverage — not clear if Board has any protection from lawsuits —
  • Sean will look into this.
  • Michael said  recently a member was injured by a loose weed wacker cord causing what member described as a minor cut, but what if a member gets a serious injury in the TL or while using our tools.  Does signed member disclaimer protect us??

3. SEPTL SECURITY:  Discussion of several instances of St Davids users leaving outside door unlocked, is our present flimsy hollow core door adequate to protect our tools, equipment and cash from theft or unauthorized/unrecorded borrowing.

  • A better solid wood door would be cheap protection – maybe from the Rebuilding Center.
  • Casey will check out a floor lock to secure door.


  • Michael reported the internet was down July 16 due to provider problem.  Maybe we need a better provider.
  • Integra has been down twice the past 6 months that we know of.

5. VOLUNTEERS:  Blaine reported a member donated good ground coffee for use by Volunteers on shifts.

  • Discussion of lack of room for a coffee pot/brewer in TL desk area.
  • Casey said he would do the empty Saturday AM shift to keep TL open.
  • Blaine mentioned a friend would donate free experimental pastries for use by volunteers as an enticement — maybe put item about donuts in Newsletter
  • Shortage of volunteers to keep all slots full – Susan Leo of St Davids can help us with ideas for engaging volunteers –
  • Michael will ask Susan to attend a Board meeting.
  • Sean asked Board members do sign up for at least 1 shift per month
  • Volunteer orientations haven’t been done – Blaine will schedule one soon.– We need to advertise need for Volunteers.
  • Bob suggested using one of the laptops to run volunteerspot and sign up volunteers for empty slots.  Michael will set this up.
  • Maybe Steve Couche can contact Eagles Senior Group to volunteer.
  • Bob suggested emailing frequent borrowers of over 3 times per month to sign up for a slot.


  •  Often volunteers don’t have cell phones and need to contact members about overdue tools or Michael to fix IT problems.
  • Michael will see if we can run a line through wall to robing room for a landline phone (Bob can donate one)
  • Bob suggested we get a cheap pay as you go burner cell phone to keep in gray box on desk.

7. VOLUNTEER PARTY FOR FALL:  Board agreed NOT to have party this year


  • Once a year is fine with all Board members
  • Michael suggested doing it like West Philadelphia TL with one person calling out tool numbers from shelves to someone on a laptop.
  • We should plan to do this on January 6 2014.

9. WORKSHOPS FOR FALL:  maybe weatherization and tiling if we can find instructors.

10. CLEARING OUT SCRAP WOOD : in back of Garden Room:  been there for years – Casey will remove and give to Rebuilding Center


  • Casey will try to sell big red compressor and get smaller one
  • Michael will fix switch on big table saw and return to service
  • Casey will sell or scrap all other broken table saws and buy one good small one  for 3 to 5 hundred dollars