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Board Minutes June 2013

A regular meeting of the SEPTL was held 6/13/2013 in St.

Davids Church Grace Room, Portland, Oregon. The meeting convened at 7:15 PM, President Steve Couche presiding

Members in attendance: * is Board Member
Steve Couche (President) *
Sean Barnett (Treasurer) *
Casey Cotton (At Large) *
Hindi Iserhott (Volunteer Coordinator) *
Pete Stuchlik (At Large, collections) *
Aaron Andrade (At Large ) *
Jeff Horne (At Large) *
Barbara McLean (Newsletter editor)
E Michael Brandt (IT guru)
Blaine Delancey (Volunteer Coordinator)*

Members not in attendance:
Robert Weber (Secretary) *

Minutes of previous meeting: approved


SE Uplift:                                           $1475.13
Rivermark Credit union:               $6925.77
Paypal:                                               $200.00

TOTAL FUNDS:                           $8600.90

1. LocalTools, related to the West Seattle Tool Library, wants to share tool database info. We vote no to this, as there’s no clear benefit to SEPTL and it’s more work for EMB.

2. Google Apps migration in progress:

* Each board member to have unique new gmail address

* Much collaboration potential (to be revealed)

* Can email all board members at once using email address. EMB will reveal more…

* Reminder for those with existing gmail account: You can have 2 gmail accounts open on same window. Option at top right of gmail window.

3. Repair Café 6/26 at Ford Food & Drink. We may circulate brochures there. Blaine to decide?

4. SEPTL geographic borders issue: we decided to honor SE Uplift’s boundaries – but we need to clarify exactly what those are where there’s ambiguity.

5. How to attract more volunteers? We discussed luring them with coffee. Borrow a coffeepot from church kitchen, and find a coffee donor. (AA to explore one source.) Safest if volunteers drink from a closed, secure thermos-type container though… Blaine to think about other ways to find new volunteers – unexplored social groups such as order of Elks?

6. Newsletter: We should consider a redesign sometime soon– perhaps a more blurb-oriented email which then links to full articles on the website. This would be less overwhelming to the recipient. See Kaiser, PGE, etc. EMB to present some samples from other orgs.

7. Steve is resigning his presidency after 30 June! Gulp. We will be president-less. We briefly discussed whether he’d be willing to keep the title but drastically reduce his contacts with people (like, we’d have an outreach / media person to do this); he does not want to keep the title. But he will remain a board member. Casey reminds us we need him to share all his ‘institutional memory’ with us so no knowledge is lost.