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Board Minutes Apr 11, 2013

A regular meeting of the SEPTL was held 4/11/2013 in St. Davids Church Grace Room, Portland, Oregon. The meeting convened at 7:15 PM, President Steve Couche presiding, and Robert Weber, Secretary.

Members in attendance: * is Board Member
Steve Couche (President) *
Sean Barnett (Treasurer) *
Robert Weber ( Secretary) *
Casey Cotton (At Large r) *
Hindi Iserhott (Volunteer Coordinator) *
Pete Stuchlik (At Large, collections) *
E Michael Brandt (IT)
Blaine Delancey (helping with Volunteer Coordinator)
Garrett Duncan (helping with Volunteer Coordinator)

Members not in attendance:
Aaron Andrade (At Large ) *
Jeff Horne (At Large) *
Barbara McLean (Newsletter)

Minutes of previous meeting: approved


TREASURER :  Average $300/month in donations/late fees — Just paid St Davids rent til June, Paid Casey and Bob who bought 2 hammer tackers for sharpening event publicity

Onpoint Credit Union account    $5412.69
Southeast Uplift account               $1475.13
Paypal account                                   $200.00
Cash to be deposited                         $572.00

TOTAL                                                   $7087.82


Michael moved the shift log to be the 1st screen seen when volunteers sign on — this will help tracking volunteers

Sign up to fill slots was good — by Wednesday 5 of 6 slots were filled for Saturday and 3 of 3 for Tuesday.

Volunteer training — nobody has signed up yet

Hindi requested a paper sign in sheet for volunteer slots with date and name

Discussion of Silvan a 14 year old who wants to volunteer starting April 23 Tuesday — Board agreed that he should only handle the computer, and in the presence of a experienced volunteer, and his parents should sign the Volunteer Disclaimer form in drawer — Silvan will be evaluated at end of month.


  • Garrett Duncan and Blaine Delancey interested in sharing Volunteer Coordinator position when Hindi leaves June 1.
  • They will all go over procedures for handling volunteer passwords and covering problem calls on Saturdays and Tuesdays, and work out details of sharing Volunteer Coordinator responsibilities.
  • Transition from Hindi during May.
  • Sean made motion, seconded by Pete to make Blaine a board member – Board Approved.


  • Steve mentioned that fliers have been posted with strawberry cups and seed library seeds to be given out at gardening table
  • Oregonian should have notice
  • Bob will pull, mark, and check out to Michael Brandt tools needing sharpening before April 20th, and will bring a traffic cone to reserve parking.
  •  Casey will set up canopy.


  • Pete discussed possible changes to late fees.Low late fees make members abuse overdues– 70 extremely late tools are unavailable for use.
  • Don’t charge at all for 1st late week — charge double for 2nd late week and increase fees geometrically each additional late week until replacement cost of tool reached i.e $1 – $2- $4-$8-$16-$32- etc stops at tool $ value– still much cheaper than renting tool commercially.
  • Hindi asked how current collections system is going/ or not?  Big fines may keep people from returning tools at all. Pete said we need to assess tool replacement first and post on tool record
  • Michael said high fines are a barrier to returning tools, scares people away — he has done some research locally and no collection agency will handle our small volume and dollar amounts
  • Sean asked what is point of no return time overdue 3 weeks, 1 month???  Overdue letters are now mailed after 1 month overdue
  • 4 of 27 letters sent resulted in tools returned – worth it??
  • We should just write off tools more than 6 weeks, focus on
    getting tools returned within 4-5 weeks overdue
  • Now borrowing privileges are suspended with a red flag on member name on screen after 1 month late letter is mailed
  • Members who can’t pay fine MUST email SEPTL saying they have no money to pay fine
  • Ask members via Newsletter survey what should be done about unreturned tools
  •  We should do physically inventory of tools on overdue list regularly – monthly??
  • Board will explore this further at May meeting.


  • ADX space is too small ( 500 feet less than promised 1000) and too costly ($1000 month) so is not going to work for us

FIXIT FAIR was discussed and Board needs someone to organize partnering with them

  • Web site is


  • Board approved letting volunteer Robin Koch sign out tools one time only on her membership IF:
  • Robin signs a Group Loan Form & St Davids pays SEPTL $50 for lost/broken tools and abused gloves

Meeting adjourned 8:50 PM