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Like the public library... but for tools

Ever noticed SEPTL is a busy place?

Your tool library is an increasingly busy place, as you might have noticed. We’ve added a new computer workstation for tool check-in and -out, but our small space is growing tighter and tighter each month.

Approaching SEPTL’s third birthday (!), I thought it might be interesting to look at some of the numbers.  As you will see, our annual membership growth is still accelerating, as is the number of tools loaned each year as well as the number of member visits.

I think it’s clear that we all owe our volunteers huge thanks. Wouldn’t it be great to have enough volunteers to open another day of the week?  (Here’s my chance to remind you how easy it is to become a volunteer.)

Update 4-22-13: One of our member/volunteers noticed a bigtime error in the second graph below which severely UNDERestimated the number of Tool Loans.  I’ve redone the graph to reflect the actual numbers.  Thanks to Glenn!

SEPTL Member Joins thru 4-2013SEPTL_ToolLoansChartSEPTL Member Visits thru 4-2013


  1. Thanks for posting the statistics and charts on the website. It’s fascinating to see the incredible growth!

  2. molly heaney says:

    this is the 1st time I have been to your site; probably would NEVER have found it if I had not had the good fortune to receive an email from you–tardiness in tool return does have its benefits. NEW PAPAGRAPH; septl is a LIBRARY; as such, I fully expected to find a list of the L’s contents. Why do I not find that? It is truly a bummer to wait until you are open for me to learn that you do not have the tool I need and that I must pursue other avenues. (for me, that may set me back indefinitely.) It almost goes without saying that associated with the list of library contents is the fine for each overdue item. IN CLOSING, I MUST SAY THAT THE SEPTL IS THE GREATEST!

  3. e michael brandt says:

    We love feedback! I emailed you directly some time ago, but thought I’d post the gist of my reply here for others to see as well.

    1. You asked why we don’t list our Tools online. Well, good news! We do exactly that: simply click on the Tools menu item atop the page and you will see a live list of our Tools and their current availability.
    2. You will find the fines for tools on our FAQ page, easily found by clicking on the About menu item atop the page, but know that the fine structure is simple: $1/week for non-power tools and $2/wk for power tools.

    We’re very happy that you agree with us, that “SEPTL IS THE GREATEST!”

  4. e michael brandt says:

    More good news. We’ve just added Late Fine amounts for each tool right on the Tools page.