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Board Meeting Jan 10, 2013

A regular meeting of the SEPTL was held January 10, 2013 in St. Davids Church Grace Room, Portland, Oregon. The meeting convened at 7:00 PM, President Steve Couche presiding, and Robert Weber, Secretary.

Members in attendance: * is Board Member
Steve Couche (Board President) *
Sean Barnett (Board Treasurer) *
Robert Weber (Board Secretary) *
Pete Stuchlik (At Large Board member, collections) *
E Michael Brandt (Information Technology guru)
Barbara McLean (Newsletter editor)

Board Members not in attendance:
Casey Cotton (At Large Board member) *
Jeff Horne (At Large Board member) *
Hindi Iserhott (Board Volunteer Coordinator) *
Aaron Andrade (At Large Board Member) *

Minutes of previous meeting: approved



Rivermark Credit Union account   $5219.44
Southeast Uplift account                 $1098.33
Paypal account                                   $200.00
Cash to be deposited                         $368.00

Total:                                                     $6883.77


Barb reported the January Newsletter was opened 648 times by 2056 members.
February articles include a Letters to the Editor section, info about a Seed Exchange, and simple projects to make.


  • Michael mentioned that SEPTL will only get money from GETAROUND car share referrals if if members enter through the link on SEPTL.ORG, so we should not have GetAround brochures in the library, or if we do, be sure the only web address is our own.
  • Board discussed putting member credit card information on Database.  Michael said we can’t do this securely – too complicated and expensive to maintain.
  • 222 tools were retired from database during our big inventory, based on not being found.
  • He described use of new Service Tickets feature to show reason for putting a tool out of service,  including disappeared or returned broken or missing parts, allows us to record what was wrong with tool, the current status of the tool,  the cost of  repairs, how much the member owes, etc
  • Volunteers should ask members to pay something for repairs when returning a broken tool  or with missing parts, and track this on service ticket.
  • Michael mentioned the row’s background color changes when a tool is checked in or renwed – to make it more obvious what rows might have been missed during the checkin process.
  • UH-OH link creates problem link to service ticket
  • Volunteer should ask for a few dollars when checking out tools with blades, cutting wheels, etc to pay for replacements.  Michael will add this info in brackets in the Notice field to remind the Volunteer.
  • We should remove jig saw/sawzall blades and ask borrowers to buy blades from us when they check these items out.
  • Ask Jenna at Winks about discount on buying circular/jig/sawzall blades for us to sell to users.



Sean mentioned asking a PDX Building Dept rep to look over plans to add 2nd floor — cost would be $1000 for materials plus several hundred $$ for permits, use volunteer labor if foundation of church needs to be strengthened — worst case is cost is much more over $5K and can’t use volunteer.

Michael should let Patrick DeBoard know we won’t pursue his plan to build 2nd floor.

Sean will look at adding shelves and rebuild our shelving, remove stairs and build folding stair for access to organ loft, maybe add shelved under stair and add shelves high up for maintenance or donated stuff.  Perhaps trade sheets of MDF for solid wood used doors to build shelves

Volunteers could use ladder to get high up tools for member checkout


SEPTL has a written policy – we need to enforce it!!  After tool is late a month we send an informative letter to borrower. Pete as Collections Officer will send list of late borrowers to Michael who will write letters and mail them.  After that Steve is willing to make home visits.
Board discussed where is Appendix A sample Late tool letter??  What are specific steps of enforcement??
Board needs 2 lists:  Late tools and broken tools to ask last borrower to help pay to replace tool.
Discussion will continue at February Board Meeting.

Recorded by Robert Weber, secretary

Meeting adjourned 8:45 PM