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Board Meeting Dec 13, 2012

Meeting date: Thursday December 13, 2012

Call to order:
A regular meeting of the SEPTL was held in St. Davids Church Grace Room, Portland, Oregon. The meeting convened at 7:00 PM, President Steve Couche, presiding, and Robert Weber, Secretary.

Members in attendance:  (a Board quorum is present 8 of 8 )
Steve Couche (Board President) *
Sean Barnett (Board Treasurer) *
Robert Weber (Board Secretary) *
Casey Cotton (At Large Board member) *
Jeff Horne (At Large Board member) *
Hindi Iserhott (Board Volunteer Coordinator) *
Pete Stuchlik (At Large Board member, collections) *
Aaron Andrade (At Large Board Member) *
E Michael Brandt (IT guru)
Barbara McLean (Newsletter editor)
Patrick DeBoard (member)
(* = Board Member)

Members not in attendance:


TREASURER :  Sean will change the legal entity on our Rivermark CU
account to SEPTL. Sean reimbursed Michael $198.08 for website and database expenses.

Rivermark Credit Union account  $4357.44
Southeast Uplift account         $797.33
Paypal account                   $290.00
Cash to be deposited             $572.00

TOTAL                           $5818.69

Minutes of previous meeting: approved



  •  Steve suggested we have Letters to Editor in the Newsletter to get member feedback, and perhaps members of the Board can submit some samples.
  •  January isue will double with Volunteer Newsletter
  • Jeff asked how many members opened the Newsletter email – 500 looked at the last issue and about a dozen unsubscribed.
  •  Steve asked for a newsletter request for help looking for a new TL space – the basic requirements for a TL space are on the website


  • Hindi discussed pros and cons of VolunteerSpot – it sometimes lets members sign up twice for slots
  • We need volunteers for tool maintenance
  • Volunteers are getting 2 emails — 1 from VolunteerSpot which everyone can see and 1 from Hindi — we should only send 1 from Hindi with Password and KeyBox Code
  • Hindi tried to set up a group volunteer training session but only got 1 response who cancelled — she will try this again if she gets somebody to help with training.
  • Aaron will cover for Hindi should any Volunteer issues arise in her absence over the Holiday period.


  • Hindi hands off caller names to Pete who vets them before Michael gives Admin Login rights and info to callers to access and update Late Tool Call List.
  • Board discussed Peter Bowman’s offer to buy tools from estate sales — Peter sees lots of bargain tools at his weekly visits to estate sales and is knowledgable about tools. — Casey has a tool wish list of tools we need, and Board can reimburse Peter for tools he buys. — Michael suggested we start slowly and see how this works out – give Peter a list of the tools we want with price limits set (ie $25-$50-$100)
  • Pete Stuchlik compiled a list of very long overdue high value (over $20/$40 tools since June 2010 with replacement costs from  The top 5 missing tools were worth $600 and the whole list cost $3000.
  • Board discussed Collections policy — what is trigger?? $value of  tool or demand by users.  What to do when fine is greater than cost of tool??  Do we want to tool back or the fine income??
  • Pete suggested home visits after so many weeks overdue
  • Board agreed to try and implement Sylvia Orduno’s Late Tool Policy – maybe tier by amount of fine plus value of tool.
  • SEPTL has never sent late tool letters out – maybe start with:
  1.  Declarative letter “Your tool is XX weeks late and you owe $$fine.. please return it so other members can use it
  2. Threaten referral to collection agency or smal claims court
  • Board discussed requiring credit card number before lending as security — Michael said there are lots of security issued with having credit card info on the SEPTL server.
  • Board will discuss at next Board meeting

4.   GET AROUND CAR SHARING proposal — SEPTL would publicize and get $20/$25 if any members signed up as referral fee from

  • GetAround is a community car sharing service that lets members rent unused vehicles from owners at a low daily rate using their smartphone
  • Steve Gutmann is the Portland rep of GetAround.
  • Jeff moved, Aaron seconded and Board approved displaying GetAround fliers in SEPTL and talking with Steve Guten about implementation.

5.  TOOLTUNES : Casey has printed and will mount on board to post in SEPTL

6.  NEW SEPTL LOCATION – nothing yet

  • We need free donated space –
  • Maybe ask for SEPTL volunteers to scout possible locations — unused school buildings or Portland city properties
  • Steve will contact PDX property staff
  • Sean said Lentz TL got free donated space but it took a lot of hard work
  • Are there any fire code issues with spaces – we should match demographics of SEPTL membership — look in 1 mile radius of 28th and Harrison
  • How did Free Geek get their space???
  • Jeff asked has St Davids gotten value from SEPTL in the church – maybe make a handout for churches listing SEPTL benefits to them in traffic and visibility
  •  Jeff will write an email appeal for our new space
  •  Board will revisit next meeting


  • SEPTL member Patrick DeBoard ( a remodeling contractor)   presented his plans to almost double SEPTL’s space in St Davids by adding a second floor  in the high ceiling space with stair access and using the walls for tool storage only.
  • Cost of materials would be several thousand dollars and use member volunteer labor to build.
  • Patrick will draw upa detailed remodeling construction plan and find cost of city building permits.
    Board will evaluate plan at next meeting.


  • Michael let us know that Tool Librarian has just gone International, with the in Melbourne, Australia now in the process of implementing our software for their startup library.
  • A major update which adds, among other things, the ability to track tool repairs, is about to be installed.

Recorded by Robert Weber, secretary

Meeting adjourned 8:58 PM