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Such a nice surprise

We awoke to such a nice surprise yesterday … and it made us think.

One of our members had seized the perfect opportunity: he helped SEPTL by donating before the end of the tax year!

Now it seemed to us that this was SUCH a good idea we thought we’d give it a mention here. But you’ve gotta act NOW to get the tax deduction for 2012!

Every dollar you donate will be well spent to keep your free community tool library alive and well.

Simply click on the PayPal Donate button right here on this webpage. You don’t need a PayPal account! A few clicks and bingo, another nice surprise for us.

Whether you donate or not, we want to thank all of our members, and most especially all of our volunteers, for a great 2012 and of course an even greater 2013. Okay now it’s time to click that Donate button!