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Whew, we WILL be open on Sat, Oct 27, 2012

Good news! Several people have responded to our plea for volunteers to work Saturday’s first shift. Two veteran volunteers and one first timer. Please give them a big thanks when you come in!

We might not be able to open until 11 am Saturday, Oct 27, 2012.

As you know, SEPTL is entirely volunteer run. and at the moment we have no volunteers who are available to work the 9am to 11am shift tomorrow.

But we’ve put out another call to all our volunteers. If we do not hear back by 9pm tonight that someone is able to open the doors tomorrow for the first shift, then we won’t open until 11am. We’ll update this post very early Saturday morning, like about 5am or so.

If you have not volunteered at SEPTL yet, then clearly we need your help!  Please sign up (but not to work tomorrow of course). The more volunteers we have, the more days we can open.  The Library only works if the members share the labor!