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Where is everyone coming from?

As of today, SEPTL has 2,060 members registered from within our 19 neighborhood service area of Southeast Portland. A bit more than half of those are from just one fourth of the neighborhoods, close to the library: Richmond, Hosford-Abernethy (including Ladd’s Addition), Sunnyside, Mt. Tabor and Buckman.

Our members by neighborhoodThe map above shows SEPTL members by neighborhood on a superimposed bubble chart. The star icon represents the library. (Note: Although in the map some bubbles extend beyond their neighborhood, those members are indeed within the neighborhood bounds.)

And if you’re really curious, here’s the raw data:

Richmond    363
Hosford-Abernethy    286
Sunnyside    202
Mt. Tabor    142
Buckman    137
Woodstock    121
Creston-Kenilworth    114
Foster-Powell    106
Sellwood-Moreland    102
Montavilla    76
Brooklyn    75
South Tabor    73
Mt. Scott-Arleta    59
Brentwd-Darlington    56
Kerns    38
North Tabor    35
Laurelhurst    30
Reed    29
Eastmoreland    15