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Board Meeting Oct. 11, 2012

Meeting date: Thursday October 11, 2012

Call to order:
A regular meeting of the SEPTL BOARD was held in St. Davids Church Grace Room, Portland, Oregon. The meeting convened at 7:00 PM, President Steve Couche presiding, and Robert Weber, Secretary.

Members in attendance:

Steve Couch (Board President)
Sean Barnett (Board Treasurer)
Robert Weber (Board Secretary)
Sean Barnett (Board Treasurer)
Hindi Iserhott (Board Volunteer Coordinator)
Pete Stuchlik (At Large Board member, collections)
Aaron Andrade (At Large Board Member)
E Michael Brandt (IT guru)
Barbara McLean (Newsletter)

Members not in attendance:

Casey Cotton (At Large Board member)
Jeff Horne (At Large Board member)

Officers’ reports:
Treasurer :

  1. Sean has a $ 158.55 check for Bob Weber (extension cords purchased)
  2. Credit Union account has $3016.52  (left after counting this item)
  3. Southeast Uplift account  $797.33

TOTAL $4046.85

Sean hasn’t checked cash box in a while, will empty after meeting and deposit in Credit Union

Minutes of previous meeting: approved

New business:


  • Calls are only being made by Bob and Eileen – more volunteers for this duty are needed.
  • Bob made 40 Late Tool calls Monday 10/8 about 25% answered phone and promised to return tools and pay fine
  • Our computer system sends automatic emails before tools are due.
  • Board should review very late tools every Board Meeting and approve next steps according to our Procedure — Pete will bring printout of Late Tool List to November meeting
  • Steve suggested getting volunteers to do house visits and collect late tools and fines.
  • SEPTL Procedures say a mail letter should go out after the 4th week a tool is overdue.


  • Hindi said new VolunteerSpot setup is working fine
  • Volunteer shift email will have key code as well as login password (Bob will begin changing the Keybox code every Tuesday after his shift)
  • Hindi said she is not getting the names of signed up volunteers from VolunteerSpot — Michael will fix software to do this
  • Shifts are set up to have 2 experienced volunteers with any new volunteer to help with training
  • Board agreed to close SEPTL Thanksgiving Saturday and Christmas Tuesday. Michael will post this on the web site Nov 1
  • Hindi said we get 50-60 new members monthly but only 3 new volunteers
  • Board discussed setting up a volunteer training session.


  • Steve has application forms on WORD and is partway through filling them out.
  • Purpose of grant will be retrofitting the new TL space.
  • Board will have special meeting Tuesday October 23 at 7 PM to review the application
  •  Michael won’t be in Portland then — will review and comment online
  • SE Uplift looks favorably on cooperation among neighboring associations — Sean is on Richmond Board but there is no time to contact them — Steve will ask HAND, Sunnyside, Foster-Powell,the Rebuilding Center and Lents for letters of support.
  • Michael will create a list of SEPTL members by neighborhood and number of visits by day/shift for Steve to support our grant application.


  • A few items were left out and will be added in the next issue
  • Robin Koch is October Volunteer of the Month for creating the Kitchen Tool Library as well as being a regular Tuesday volunteer.


  • Sean showed and explained his floor plan drawings (including a truly cool 3-D rendition) of the layout of our possible new space in St Davids basement.  The board discussed changes to the tool maintenance table and increasing floor storage for large/heavy tools, as well as minimizing bottlenecks with tool checkin, checkout, and new member registration.  Kudos to Sean for his excellent work on this plan.
  • Sean suggested cataloging our tools with a Dewey Classification-like arrangement and labelling shelves to match — we will revisit this before the actual move to the new space takes place — maybe just label shelves with the categories already in the catalog and add a letter A,B,C, etc before the tool number to match.


  • Michael is improving Tool Librarian (our software) to hold more information for Out of Service tools.


Recorded by Robert Weber, secretary

Meeting adjourned 8:58 PM