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SEPTL tools help make a movie

The 3D camera rig

We were pleased to hear from one of your neighbors, Jesse Blanchard, who sent along some pictures of his handiwork built with SEPTL tools.  And this message:

“I am a writer/director who started working in 3D a couple years ago, designing and building my own 3D camera rigs. I finally settled on a design that I’m now producing for sale.

“As I write this, I’ve got the drill press out again and I’m drilling and tapping new holes for an extra piece I’m adding to the rig.

“The SEPTL has been crucial to my work because I’m also making films in miniature. For my latest piece, I can’t even count the tools that I checked out. Off the top of my head I used the pipe bender, the grinder (to grind down plaster teeth), the drill press, the chop-saw, heat-gun, dremel tool, and loads more.

“I was in just about every week checking something out as we experimented with the rig and tried to make all these little pieces come together. It was fantastic to have a library of tools (literally!) to use as we stumbled our way forward.

“You can see the final [ed: cute and a tad ghoulish] short at and the 3D rig at

The movie is best enjoyed in 3D, of course.  And great news: the 3D glasses will be be on sale at SEPTL for a $1 (or better offer) donation!

– Jesse Blanchard