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Board Minutes August 9, 2012

Meeting date: Thursday August 9, 2012

A regular meeting of the SEPTL was held in St. Davids Church Grace Room, Portland, Oregon. The meeting convened at 7:15 PM, President Steve Couche presiding, and Robert Weber, secretary.

Members in attendance:

Steve Couch (Board President)
Robert Weber (Board Secretary)
Casey Cotton (At Large Board member)
Lynn Palombo (At Large Board Member)
Hindi Iserhott (Board Volunteer Coordinator)
Barbara McLean (Newsletter)
Pete Stuchlik (Volunteer)

Members not in attendance:

Sean Barnett (Board Treasurer)
E Michael Brandt ( call list and IT guru)

Minutes of previous meeting: approved

Officer Reports:

TREASURER — no report this month

VOLUNTEERISM — Hindi said volunteer recruitment and training was going well,

  • All Tuesdays for August are filled, and Saturdays are almost filled
  • People are starting to do regular shifts.
  • Hindi is working on a new Volunteer Manual with Michael
  • Mary is helping with training volunteers
  • Hindi is scheduling volunteers using some freesoftware with online sign-up by members that sends Hindi an automatic email.  Members could sign up for shifts on the laptops at the Tool Library.
  • Hindi is working on setting up automatic notification email to her and the volunteers with links to orientation/training videos.
  • Hindi said she is starting teaching at her school next month and will be busy with that.
  • She discussed the issue of getting substitutesfor last minute volunteer shift cancellations
  • Hindi is sending personalized emails to new members and volunteers, but is getting few responsed to sign up for shifts. Is it worth it??

NEW TOOLS  – Board discussed some tools to get and quality brands such as Milwaukie, DeWalt, Ryobi, Rigid – we’ll try to get factory reconditioned power tools or craigslist — Bob will get these tools and be reimbursed by Sean

  • ear protectors
  • orchard ladder
  • pole pruner
  • electric hedge trimmer
  • weed wacker
  • cordless and corded drills
  • Impact hammer drill
  • chop miter saw
  • circular saw

Hindi discussed scheduling regular tool repair nights.  Bob offered to coordinate.

New business:

1.  Seismic Retrofit Workshop — went well 15 attendees of 25 signed up — Have another one in September at SEPTL or other PDX TL

  • Next time we there could be a demo at a member’s house
  • We should ask for donations at our Workshops and put item in Newsletter asking for ideas and interest
  • Steve will get pictures of our workshops for a Newsletter article
  • Hindi will work up form for member interest in Workshops and she knows someone who could do  TILING WORKSHOP
  • Board discussed scheduling 1 workshop a month — maybe winterizing your house, handling toxins, and chicken coops
  • Soil & Water Conservation District could do workshops on nature scaping, rain water retention and rain gardens
  • Barbara McLean’s husband could do a how to use/maintain tools workshop
  • NEPTL has workshops on Saturdays in parking lot.
  • We could use a volunteer to coordinate workshops.

2.  Put dry-erase board back in tool library


  • When is late borrower turned over to collection?  discussion
  • What is the next step?? Make phone call or email —  go to house ( Sylvia Orduno used to do this– Nobody now is looking at late tool list and following our procedure
  •  SEPTL needs a new Board position of volunteer to handle collections and/or recover late tools
  •  Board should review the late tool list monthly for way way overdue tools and propose action to take

4.  Board voted to add Pete (Klaus) Stuchlik as an at-large Board Member — motion PASSED

Recorded by Robert Weber, secretary

Meeting adjourned 8:52 PM