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SEPTL Board Meeting July 12, 2012

Meeting date: Thursday July 12, 2012

A regular meeting of the SEPTL was held in St. Davids Church Grace Room, Portland, Oregon. The meeting convened at 7:20 PM, President Steve Couche presiding, and Robert Weber, secretary.

Members in attendance:

Steve Couch (Board President)
Sean Barnett (Board Treasurer)
Robert Weber (Board Secretary)
Casey Cotton (At Large Board member)
E Michael Brandt ( call list and IT guru)

Members not in attendance:

Lynn Palombo (Board Member)
Hindi Iserhott (Board Volunteer Coordinator)

Officers’ reports

Treasurer :
Total funds are $4577.90 with rent paid through 2012.  Credit Union $3817.90 : SE Uplift account $760 : Cash to deposit $580

Board Comments :

  • Casey –  donations of 2 good old electric jackhammers, orbital sander and gasoline weedwacker (sell?)
  • Michael –  we need to do a tool inventory soon and relabel tools (see how tool rental places label their tools)

Minutes of previous meeting: approved

New business:

1. MOVE TO BIGGER SPACE in St Davids basement

  • Board measured basement space – 1050 sq ft compared to 468 in present space. 38′ wide by 33′ long
  • We now pay $53/month and could negotiate up to $150/m for larger space using 3 bays of basement day care area.
  • Sean said we should get building permit for changes we made (ie partitions and electrical outlets/internet router)
  •  We could put up 6′ high partition with exit door to block off rest of basement space and
  • create a maintenance/administrative area for repairs & donated /new tools to be processed.
  • Need to write proposal to St Davids (Sarah wants SEPTL in church) perhaps make the rent a % of our monthly income from donations, fines
    and workshops. We have been taking in about $300 monthly.  NEPTL pays 7% of their income from fines & donations to their church
  • 3 computers are needed in new space on separate desks ( 1 for sign-up and 2 for tool check in/out


  •  June issue went out to 1626 members, only 10 asked to unsubscribe
  •  It needs some design and layout improvement.  Will be bimonthly
  •  Hindi got volunteer contacts through Newsletter — Board should ask Barb McLean if she got any comments or responses to newsletter


  • Although Hindi was not at this meeting, she has been setting up volunteer programs and workshops and has the names of people who volunteered last year and this.  These need to be put in database.


  • Tax forms from tool/cash donations : Sean said SE Uplift should manage these but we need to explain to SEPTL that this would not be feasible since we get very little money from donated tool sales and can’t track sales $ to particular donation forms that are donor estimates
  •  Sean will give donation tax deduction forms to SEPTL Quarterly
  •  Discussion of why do we need SE Uplift – getting our own liability insurance for SEPTL and our own 503c status would cost more than paying SE Uplift a 15% cut of grants we get.


  • Casey mentioned some recommendations –  orchard ladder, heavy garden fork, maybe weed wacker


  • Seismic Workshop is coming up August 4
  •  We should pass the donation jar ar workshops
  •  Future workshops on naturescaping, tiling, tile repair & maintenance, tree pruning & maintenance, tool sharpening event in September

Recorded by Robert Weber, secretary
Meeting adjourned 9:25 PM