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Workshop: Earthquake Upgrade your home – 8/4/12

Last year the City held a workshop for us on seismic retrofit, but this one will be different: more hands-on and more practical.

It will be offered by SEPTL and Earthquake Tech (, a certified Continuing Education provider which has considerable experience leading this sort of event.

The focus will be on what tools a person needs to do the seismic retrofit and how to use the tools correctly. Participants will get some real hands on time with the tools.

Click here to see the flyer.

Date: August 4. 2012
Time: 10:00 to 11:30 am
Where: In the St. Davids Church’s Parish Hall.
Cost: Free!


This promises to be a very useful event – see you on August 4th!


  1. This sounds cool and I am planning on attending. Thanks to everyone for offering it.

    The flyer uses the apostrophe s incorrectly. It should read:

    “Is your home secured to its foundation?”

    (No apostrophe.)

    I would be happy to volunteer proofreading and editing services for SEPTL publications. No matter how good a writer you are it always helps to have a second pair of eyes on something intended for public consumption.


  2. e michael brandt says:

    Thanks for the offer. We’ll get in contact with you. As it turns out, that flyer was produced by earthquaketech, not by us, so in this instance we’re innocent. This time. And hope to see you at the workshop!