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SEPTL June 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: Thursday June 14, 2012
Call to order:

A regular meeting of the SEPTL was held in St. Davids Church Grace Room, Portland, Oregon. The meeting convened at 7:07 PM, President Steve Couche presiding, and Robert Weber, secretary.

Members in attendance:

Steve Couch (President)
Robert Weber (Secretary)
Casey Cotton (At Large Board member)
Lynn Palombo ( Board Member)
E Michael Brandt ( call list and IT guru)
Hindi Isherhott (Board Member)
Barbara McLean (Newsletter)

Members not in attendance:

Sean Barnett (Treasurer)
Jeff Horne (Volunteer Coordinator)

Officers’ reports:

Treasurer :
Bob Weber reported Sean’s email .  Total funds are $4002 with rent paid through 2012.  Credit Union $2974 : SE Uplift account $740 : Cash to deposit $288

No major expenses on horizon except buying some new tools and upgrading our space in St Davids.

Minutes of previous meeting:

– approved with correction of Lynn Palombo’s name

New business:
  1. BROKEN TOOL POLICY — Barb asked if we had a policy for replacement/payment for broken tools; she said we should try to at least get a donation.
  • Michael made a list of most frequent tool borrowers  — We should identify our top 10 non-volunteer borrowers and send them a letter.
  • ALSO post list of these names to post by desk and remind them to volunteer when they check out any tools.
  • Bob Weber and Lynn will draft a personalized letter for each frequent borrower and run it by Steve Couche before  printing and mailing.  Bob will also make a volunteer sign up sheet.
  • Lynn Palombo will check the frequent volunteers and call them to ask for another shift.
  • Volunteer Coordinator should send a followup email to volunteers asking how the shift went ; get suggestions & ask them to do another shift
  • We should ask Jeff to give another Board Member access to the Volunteer Contact emails and Calendar to update shifts
  • Barb McLean will call Volunteers to confirm their shifts.
  • USE THE SHIFT LOG to record new volunteer interest and dates they can cover
  • Volunteer Coordinator needs to keep contacts live with our volunteers.


  • The storage shed in the parking lot belongs to City Repair — space in it will be available to SEPTL soon – Now it is not accessible — we need the combo to open it — it is the other end of St Davids from present SEPTL space, but would be close to new basement space — could be used now for ladders, wheelbarrows, cement mixer, etc
  • SEPTL can also use the metal shed in the courtyard.


  • Barbara will use Constant Contact to manage the email list for a bi-monthly SEPTL Newsletter to replace the current Insider and Mail Chimp for all SEPTL communications with members.  Constant Contact can also send emails to lists of Volunteers and Board members
  • Steve suggested having a Volunteer Appreciation Newsletter– Barb said she would do this every month.  Members can unsubscribe from this if desired.
  • Michael said the Web site has just been redone, so Barb should use the same Colors etc on the Newsletter as the Web site
  • Steve will tell Jeff Horne about the volunteer and newsletter changes
  • Barb will send a July Newsletter to all members


  • We need to send a proposal to the St Davids Board stating what we are willing to pay and  how much space we want — Steve will write this at the July Board Meeting — also need a grant proposal for money toward increased rent and relocation expenses — Hindi can research grant sources
  • We spend $63/month now can we afford 3X this or around $180/month for part of the basement space?
  • Rebuilding Center has an annual grant of shelving materials — We could approach local lumber yards for contributions ( Milwaukie Lumber, Mr Plywood, Home Depot, etc)

6.  NEW TOOLS — Casey asked the Board to send him ideas for tools to buy — maybe put a new tool poll in the newsletter usingPoll Daddy or Survey Monkey

7.  VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR — Hindi is willing to be Volunteer Coordinator if Jeff wants to step down — Steve will talk to Jeff.

Recorded by Robert Weber, secretary

Meeting adjourned 9:10 PM