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SEPTL Board – May Meeting Minutes

Meeting date:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Call to order:

A regular meeting of the SEPTL was held in St. Davids Church Grace Room, Portland, Oregon on May 10, 2012. The meeting convened at 7:00 PM, President Steve Couche presiding, and Robert Weber, secretary.

Members in attendance:

Steve Couch (President)
Sean Barnett (Treasurer)
Robert Weber (Secretary)
Casey Cotton (At Large Board member)
Lynn Polombo – leaving Board
E Michael Brandt ( call list and IT guru)
Pete (Klaus) Stuchlik (volunteer guest – can do grant research and writing – possible Board member)

Members not in attendance:

Jeff Horne (Volunteer Coordinator)
Hindi Isherhott (new on Board) – will attend in June)
Kelly Faddis

Officers’ reports:


Steve would like to step down as SEPTL President this June. We need to search for new President and Vice-President

* ACTION: Steve will write up duties of President.

Treasurer :

Sean reported we have $3618 total after rent is paid

* $2604.61 in credit union account after paying 2012 rent and buying broad forks.

* $740 in SE Uplift account ( will get another $360 from PGE grant)

* $375 cash and checks

Secretary :

Bob discussed need for long cables and padlocks to secure ladders and tools stored outside: also a tripod orchard ladder to replace the one that is missing

Minutes of previous meeting:

– approved

 New business:

1. NEW BOARD CORNER on web site with

* Board members listed with duties and roles

* Board meeting minutes

* Summary of SEPTL finances – income and expenditures.


* It is a heated, windowed 2 bays of the St Davids pre-school room 38’ wide by 22’ long with access through a wide two stage stairway from the parking lot. 836 sq feet with 9 1/2 ‘ ceiling / 8 ½ to beams

* Cost might be around $150 month – Steve will find out : May get 3 bays for 1254 sq ft – get cost.

* Has 2 electric outlets on end wall and fire sprinklers – would need to run Internet cable downstairs .

* Bathrooms are right outside across Basement hall through door in South Wall of space.

* Stairway is too steep and long to get large tools up and down safely. OK for small/light tools

* Would need to build a lockable 2 parking space shed in parking lot for ladders, mowers, wheelbarrows and large/heavy tools and have 2nd volunteer escort members to check out/return these tools.

* Would need estimate of cost to build out shelves and storage bins in basement space.

* Would need volunteers and coordinator to setup storage and move tools to basement

* ACTION: Steve find out cost of this spce from St Davids

* ACTION : Look at NEPTL for ideas to configure this space and satellite storage

3. VOLUNTEER STRUGGLES – Not enough volunteers signing up and help for Coordinator

* Board discussed printing and posting the month’s volunteer schedule and asking borrowers to sign up for empty shift s to avoid having to close the Tool Library. Bob Weber did this starting with his Tuesday shift May 15 (NOTE as of May 20 NOBODY HAD SIGNED UP FOR AVAILABLE SLOTS THROUGH END OF MAY!!!!)

* Michael mentioned using the shift log to record members who wanted to sign up for shifts.

* The volunteer at the computer should be an expert in its use, newer volunteers can help members find tools

* ACTION : We should have a Board Member at each shift. Each Board member needs to pick a shift to cover.

* ACTION: Need Co-Volunteer Coordinator to help Jeff schedule and communicate with volunteers and split coordinator duties : mail chimp, emails, phone calls and reminders

* ACTION: Identify and target frequent borrowers to be volunteers / members with large outstanding fines could volunteer for shifts to reduce their fines.


* Barbara McLean has offered to write and distribute a bi-monthly or quarterly SEPTL newsletter either online or using mail chimp

* What are the limitations/costs of mail chimp?

* What content do we want?? Member projects?? Tool use and care/maintenance?? Feature tools??


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM

Recorded by Robert Weber, secretary