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The Kill A Watt will save you money.

Okay, after a bit of a delay, let’s show you another tool we’ve bought for the Tool Library.  This time we’ll feature The Kill A Watt.

The Kill A Watt: Save money… and the planet. This easy-to-use device shows the operating costs of each of your household appliances. Simply plug them in to the Kill A Watt, and let it count energy consumption by the Killowatt-hour, same as your local utility. It will then can calculate your electrical costs by the day, week, month, year.

Several SEPTL Board members and volunteers, and members too, have used this to check the “vampire” electricity used of our appliances and electronic devices even when they are turned off.  Some of the results were shocking – okay that’s a bad pun – but really we were surprised by some of the results.

It’s a lot of fun to use, and enlightening too.  You’ll find the Kill A Watt in the electrical section of the Tool Library.