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Getting ready for Spring.

Can’t you just feel it?  Spring is almost here – bulbs are up, even saw a Rhododendron in full bloom today.

At your tool library, we’ve been getting ready for Spring.  Pretty soon members will be asking for the mowers, and we’re ready.  Two of our member volunteers (one on the Board) recently spent a few hours tuning up and sharpening our five push lawn mowers.  Testing on the lawn outside the SEPTL door proved them worthy once again.

As always, do your best to protect the mower blades from sticks and stones, and be sure to clean the mowers – and all the tools you borrow – before you return them.

Mowers will be in high demand very soon, so it’s important that they be returned on time.  Even better if you can – if possible, return them on our next open day: we’re open both Tuesday evenings and Saturdays.  If a mower comes back to us in just a few days, it can go out twice each week.  Your neighbor’s lawn will appreciate that, as will you the next time your lawn needs a trim.

And happy Spring!

– e michael brandt