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Meeting: The future of our Tool Library – part 2

Come all friends of the Southeast Portland Tool Library (SEPTL) to a general meeting in which we will be discussing the future of the SEPTL.

The first meeting on this topic, in December, was unproductive as so few were able to attend with the holiday season approaching.  This is an enormously important topic for us to discuss with all those have an interest in the future of the Tool Library, so we are hoping you will help us by coming on this new date.

We need volunteers and we need money to help maintain and repair SEPTL tools.  Ideas that have been proposed are charging a small sliding scale membership fee 10 to 20 dollars; creating a Co-op out of the SEPTL, which again would result in some sort of membership fee; creating a committee to search and help create and host grant writing efforts, fund raisers and the like.

Come all with your ideas.  We will be in the Grace Room at St. David’s unless we have to move to a location where we have more space.

When: Thurs, January 12, 2012
Time: 7 – 9 pm
Where: St. David’s Episcopal Church, 2800 SE Harrison Ave