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Disconnecting Downspouts

Last week six SEPTL members
Catha Loomis
Colombe Jodar 
Truman Daniels
Oliver Daniels
Steve Couche 
Sue Brown
Michael Brandt

volunteered their morning, working along with some fabulous Portland Downspout Disconnect Program employees, disconnecting residential downspouts from the sewer system.  This allows roof water to drain to lawns and gardens rather than allowing it to overwhelm the city’s sewer system and pollute the rivers.

But we also had an ulterior motive. In this special program, we earned $26 for each disconnect!  This money (check back right here in a few days for the Total we earned) goes right into the  Library’s tool fund to buy some of those tools you’ve been asking for.  Once again, neighbors helping neighbors.

We’ll be able to participate in this cash-generating program one more time on July 13.  Contact if you’d like to be added to the alternates-list in case one of the volunteers already signed up needs to bow out.  It was fun, informative, and a great way to help our community and our Tool Library.