SouthEast PortlandTool Library
Like the public library... but for tools

Thank you Dennis!

Dennis Fantz first got stimulated to look into the SE Portland Tool Library by an article on Tool Libraries in The Oregonian written by Scott Learn. He has since become the single largest source of great tools donated to the SEPTL.

Among the tools are a two belt sanders along with sand paper, two jig saws, two chop saws, a virtually new Milwaukie SawzAll, two drills, a Milwaukie HoleHawg with bits, and two circular saws with several blades.

Even more amazing, Dennis says he’s not done yet. He’s asked Steve Couche, SEPTL Founder, what other tools the Library most needs so he can go out and find them to donate as well.

What more can we say, but “Thank you Dennis!”