SouthEast PortlandTool Library
Like the public library... but for tools

Thank You!

We’re opening our doors for lending on May 1st, but couldn’t have done it without these lovely folks and organizations. May 15th we will want to publicly recognize them at our Grand Opening Celebration. Until then, we’ll recognize them on the world wide web.

A round of applause for:

  • Southeast Uplift (Tim and Kristen particularly)
  • Chris Haberman, for our awesome hand-illustrated event banner
  • Sara Fisher and the people of St. David Wales Episcopal Church, for donating the space to the library
  • All the folks who helped with the reconstruction of our Tool Library Space
  • All the volunteers who have reached out to the community by tabling events, selling raffle tickets, working on the website, working on the blog, worked on tool donations and grants and have overall volunteered so much of their personal time to get this resource off the ground. They’ve done such an enthusiastic job of bringing this to fruition.

Thanks to these organizations for donating to the raffle prize pool. All money raised will go towards buying new tools for the library: