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New Rule about Late Fines

Simple RulesAt SEPTL we have a love/hate relationship with Late Fines. On the one hand we really want tools to be returned on time so they are available for others to borrow. On the other hand Late Fines are our primary source of income which we use to buy new tools, maintain the old ones, and pay our rent. But the Fines are only useful if they are actually paid.

So, beginning this week, your old Late Fines must be paid before you may borrow or renew tools. By “old” we mean any Late Fines due from prior visits, not those on tools just returned that day. Our software, Tool Librarian (which we developed ourselves) will enforce this rule. If you forget to bring cash with you, we also accept credit cards and checks.

April Volunteer of the Month – Chelsey Churchill


Chelsey Churchill, SEPTL’s April volunteer of the month, has a nearly contagious enthusiasm for volunteering with the tool library. She confesses to having told her husband that her goal when she became a volunteer was to be selected volunteer of the … [Continue reading]

Fred Meyer wants to give us their money!

Fred Meyer Community Rewards image

You can help SEPTL earn donations from Fred Meyer just by shopping with your Fred Meyer Rewards Card! Fred Meyer is donating $2.5 million per year to non-profits in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, based on where their customers tell them to … [Continue reading]

Spring 2014 Seed Swap = Success

The 2014 first-at-SEPTL Seed Swap was a satisfying success according to the two volunteers who staffed the Seed Swap in the Grace Room at St. David’s Episcopal Church. There was a steady stream of people from the time we opened the doors at 9:00am … [Continue reading]

FREE Naturescaping Workshop April 13, 2014


Once again we are happy to host a FREE Naturescaping Workshop: Naturescaping Basics, presented by the East Multnomah Soil & Conservation District. Learn how to design a low-maintenance landscape that conserves water, prevents pollution, AND … [Continue reading]

February Tool Repair, with pizza


We spent a productive and enjoyable couple of hours  last Friday afternoon repairing damaged tools at the library. We managed to resurrect a rotary lawn mower, a palm random orbital sander, ordered parts for several tools, and almost got a new plug … [Continue reading]

Got snow. Closed Sat 2/8/14


We'll be closed Saturday, Feb 8, 2014 due to the snow.  If you have tools due today, any chance you could return them Tuesday evening 5:30-7pm?  If not, no problem, next Saturday then (and of course no late fines added when we are closed!) Have … [Continue reading]

Spring Seed Swap!

seed swap at the SEPTL

Days are getting  longer. You can feel Spring is just around the corner! In the Pacific Northwest, late February to early March is the right time to start planting early-season veggies like peas, which means it’s not too early to start thinking … [Continue reading]

Thank you and Thank you

Inventory Gang

First: Thanks to all of you who donated to us in the 2013 Give!Guide .  The totals are in. You donated over $1700 to SEPTL! We will spend the money as wisely as we know how: to keep your tool library well-stocked, well-maintained and just plain … [Continue reading]

Seismic Retrofit Workshop Jan 11, 2014


We're really pleased to offer another Seismic Retrofit Workshop, this time tapping the skills and generosity of Michael Wieber of NW Seismic. Pacific Northwest homeowners, or anyone who may some day own a home here, will find this workshop a … [Continue reading]